Мэттью МакКонахи и Идрис Эльба снимутся в экранизации романов Стивена Кинга

Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey

The series of books “the Dark tower” Stephen king considers as his main work, and fans of the cult writer largely agree with him, but because the film adaptation of the famous Saga, fans look forward to. Alas, the details of the upcoming project are kept secret, but recently the author of the novels lift the veil of secrecy:

Officially: the man in black went into the desert, and the gunslinger followed him

– posted by king on Twitter, noting the tags Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey.

In this cryptic message is about the main characters of the Saga, a role which went to the actors. The man in black will play the Elbe, as you might think, and McConaughey, who will be reincarnated as the evil wizard Randall Flagg. Hero Matthew aims to capture the heart of all worlds, the mighty the Dark tower, but a wanderer and a shooter Roland diskan (it will play Idris) intends to stop him.

Some fans of the book series the choice of actors for the main roles, to put it mildly, discouraged. And mostly claims to the star of the TV series “Luther” Idris Elba, because in the novel Gunner – tall and thin, blue-eyed man, and black river, this description does not fit. However, Stephen king, and Director of the project Nikolai Arcel, who were also co-writer, delighted with himself, and confident that the audience will eventually be satisfied.

Мэттью МакКонахи и Идрис Эльба снимутся в экранизации романов Стивена Кинга
Stephen King

It is expected that will be filmed several books in the series, but which of the eight novels will begin the action in the film, is still unknown. The premiere is scheduled for January 2017.

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