Предполагаемая разлучница Брэда Питта с Анджелиной Джоли снова стала мамой
Fans of Marion Cotillard wondering whether her child is similar to pitt?

Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Kane


As it became
you know, Marion Cotillard gave birth to her second child. The official representative of the
the actress said that the light appeared the girl. As Marion called the baby is not yet known. The father of the newborn — civilian spouse
Cotillard, the French actor Guillaume Kane.
In addition to just born baby, they have another child
the son of five and a half years.

Although Kane and
Marion met back in 2003
and since then live together, they are still not officially married. That the actress is expecting her second child, it became known in September last year. It
the news has caused mixed reactions. The fact that there were rumors about
the alleged affair Cotillard and brad pitt, with whom she
starred in the film “Allies.” Gossips claimed that the affair played
a fatal role in the relationship of Jolie and pitt.

Still not
it is understandable why Jolie made the decision to divorce. If you believe the police, who found no evidence that pitt used
physical force against children, the contradictions in the family of Angelina and brad
accumulated gradually. It is quite possible that rumors about the flirtation with pitt
Cotillard could become the last straw that destroyed
the marriage of pitt and Jolie.

whether the rumors are baseless, it is hard to say. In fact, all
just believe Marion, who said that nothing but a professional relationship, her and brad are not linked. And now fans of the actress wondering will not
just born baby similar to pitt?