20 лучших мультиков, которые вы не успели посмотреть

In theaters is the movie “finding Dory” is a story about a fish looking for his family. In recent feature-length animation is becoming more popular. The editors of Woman’s Day has compiled a list of the best pictures in case you missed something?

“Three heroes: knight’s Move” (2014)

The plot: the court horse Gaius Julius Caesar learns about the conspiracy against the Prince. No one to help: the heroes catch the robber Botany dragon to leave the army on maneuvers. Julia will have to save the Prince himself.

Voice: Sergey Makovetsky, Dmitry Nagiyev, Gosha Kutsenko, Nargiz Zakirova.

Quote: “Where are you two kingdoms: no family, no Hobbies…”

“The snow Queen 2: Refreezing” (2014)

The plot: Troll Orme has long dreamed of the glory of the hero. Fate gives him the chance: the North wind kidnaps the Princess Maribel. Her hand and the Kingdom will go to someone who will set her free. Orme goes on a hike to the castle of the Snow Queen. The path is dangerous, but old friends Gerda, Kai, Alfida and Loot will not drop ORMA’s in trouble.

Voices: Ivan Okhlobystin, Nyusha Shurochkina, Anna Khilkevich, Fedor Dobronravov, Garik Kharlamov.

Quote: “a Deceived heart freeze.”

“Spongebob in 3D” (2015)

Plot: spongebob Square Pants who lives at the bottom of the ocean to save the underwater world. For that he needs to get out on the land.

Voice: Sergey Balabanov.

Quote: “easy, friends! The game is almost over”.

“Home” (2015)

The plot: Earth is invaded by alien race of Boov. People herded into reservations. A girl named Gift miraculously escaped from the aliens. She meets a Boov named Oh, who was rejected by the brethren because of its unbearable nature. The gift and unite to save the planet.

Voices: Andrei Zaitsev, Adeline Chervyakova.

Quote: “you crazy teleport!”

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