Певица МакSим продолжает стремительно терять вес
Fans of the singer are concerned about the state of her health.

Певица МакSим продолжает стремительно терять вес


Photo: Philip Goncharov

Mack with friends

Photo: @maksimartist Instagram

singer Maxim is seriously concerned about his fans. The reason for excitement with
their side was excessive, according to fans, the thinness of the singer. Maksim was published in the microblog picture
which showed her figure in a bikini.

Many subscribers
singer noticed that in recent years, and so slender actress still
more lost weight. Rumor has it that this sudden weight loss Mack was a result of emotional experiences
because of the separation with her husband. Recall that the parting with businessman Anton
Petrov last fall became for the artist a heavy blow, because she was left alone with one year old
daughter Masha on hand. Then it became known that Anton has a new girlfriend shortly after the breakup with Mack, the pair played a big wedding. The singer then tried to hold back emotions in public, but her close friends claimed that she was very upset of what happened.

“To say that I really suffered then or are experiencing right now is impossible. Yes, worry, I’m alive, and I have emotions. But to say that I’m going to revenge — this is not about me! I am self-sufficient person to have. I have no anger. Is that a feeling of pity. Unfortunately, in our time, the stamp in the passport not always means feelings, it’s completely obvious!” — commented if its as artist.

However, in the last
singer actively promotes a healthy lifestyle and sports.
It is likely that changes in the figure Maksim just the result of a strict diet
and diligent training in the gym, and not exhaustion on the basis of stress.

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