Что оказалось правдой в самых знаменитых легендах о Мессинге
It first told people who knew the psychic more than twenty years.



Dr. Alexander Golbin in early childhood met wolf Messing. “The film I saw in childhood among the guests of my grandfather, a scientist and
a great aesthete, says Golbin. — In the evenings at our house in Alma-ATA were often visited by actors, artists, scientific
workers. That messing, when he was in
Alma-ATA, every time he appeared on our doorstep. However, the this hairy man in the old coat
was absolutely uninteresting”.

The situation changed when the prediction of the film changed the life of Alexander.

“I was accepted into medical school, all core subjects passed perfectly. The last exam was an essay. Writing it down and being sure that I will get five, I rushed to mom. Fly, you see, she drinks her tea. I immediately blurted out: “Mom, I’m a student of medical Institute!” But he got angry: “don’t lie, you’re not entered! But you will teach poetry!” I then decided that for me crazy.”

And two weeks later it turned out that for the essay Golbin got three and failed to score. “With their grief, I came to the teacher of literature. She said, “Sasha, that’s the case, they have of the Jews “quota”. For people like you, the Institute only five places — the rest they “fill up” and make it easier for the essay. Russian language is tricky. But he forgives everything in a literary work, especially poetry. Write an essay in verse, and that attention will pay”. And then I remembered a strange phrase messing about poetry and was surprised at the coincidence. I really had to learn poems and the next year I did.”

Since then, Alexander became friends with him. It Galbino psychic told me that truth in the legends about him. “I remember I asked him: wolf G., and it is
it is true that a conductor in Germany have taken a simple piece of paper that you gave him,
for a train ticket? And Stalin you personally caused? Is it true that you
his mission took in the savings Bank a huge amount, handing the cashier a blank sheet of paper?
And the guards of the Kremlin has managed to instill that in front of them Beria, and they gave you the honor
and afraid to ask for a pass?” Messing smiled: “the truth About the conductor, and
the history with Stalin and Beria, believe it or not, as you
like”. Then I asked about the two aircraft, donated by the pilot in Kovalev
a time of war. Upside shrugged: “Well — presented?” From his
further inconsistent tale, I realized that the artists, rushing through the front,
traveled with electrical immersion heaters in the form of spirals and using them
boiled eggs, and even ate cat food from a can — that is, they had
wealth. From royalties from performances in front of the soldiers most part
forcibly seized for the war. What money he could buy
planes? Who? How? What was needed was an ideological move, and
Messing was asked to play the role of the giver.”

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