Любовь Толкалина подверглась нападению
The actress is experiencing serious stress due to his personal life.

Lyubov Tolkalina

Photo: @Instagram tolkalinaliuba love Tolkalina

Lyubov Tolkalina has not the best times. After parting with Egor Konchalovsky, the actress has appeared in the center of media attention. Due to the fact that Tolkalina did not want to officially extend to the topic of breaking up with someone, it began to be hounded by the paparazzi. As a result, on the days when Love returned from work, she was attacked. About their experiences the actress said on his page in social networks.

“Wow! Wow ! This is the real glory, right? The love of the people? Recognition? One of the aspects of fame? The ultimate dream? Immortality? We leave after a brilliant lecture Natasha Kolmanovskaya of our chambers of Mazepa in the darkness and suddenly direct a merciless beam of bright light that blinds at once and starts the interrogation: pseudoviscosity voice pseudointellectual girls from the darkness asking me questions about my personal life! About what love does I why decided to open this charity with free psychological help might itself suffer if I decided to help others! And the light cripples and impossible to do anything, just close my eyes and laugh out loud… Real degrading of all attack… Cool, I think, and is capable of man! “But what you now, tell our viewers how you manage to hold on, how do you manage to look like that?” Then, exhausted, came the question about my creative plans…” said Love.

Fans regretted Tolkalina, which was obviously shocked by the incident. By the way, Egor does not consider the gap with Love some sensational news. He admitted that a split in the family happened a few years ago, but they remained friends and educate together daughter Masha. “Yes, we parted with Any. In fact, a few years ago, — said Yegor. — Very friendly and love our Masha! Very happy. Everything has a beginning and an end. And Masha, and me and Luba all is well. Do not believe these things some incredible news!”