“Test not passed”: Elena Volatile may be deprived of half of the earnings

«Проверку не прошли»: Елену Летучую могут лишить половины заработка
The presenter stated that with the situation will understand her lawyers.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

No sooner had the fans to be happy for Elena Volatile, as immediately the scandal broke. This morning it became known that the presenter accepted the offer to do his own show on the Ground. She worked on the channel editor, and now returns as the star and author of the project.

“I am very pleased that now, when my back such as the main channel of the country, I can help people in really difficult situations, says Volatile. I want to tell the viewers that it was no win situation and every problem can and should be solved”.

However, not all were satisfied with the new turn in his career Fly. Her previous — more precisely, the current employer has announced that Elena had flagrantly violated the agreement made with the channel “Friday”.

The channel’s General Director Nikolay Kartozia told RBC that the leading and the producer of the program “Revizorro” Elena Flying with the TV channel “Friday” until 2019 was signed the Agency contract. According to this document Volatile “can not negotiate with another employer.”

“Otherwise, we are entitled to 50% of its earnings,” said he, adding that “any” new employer of the journalist “should know”.

That Bat had not been seen on screens anywhere, in addition to advertising, Kartozia explained that all the projects that she started, had a low rating.

Elena was surprised by the claims of the former chief.

“I would like to comment on the attacks of the TV channel “Friday,” says Volatile. — I was very unpleasantly surprised, because I have so much strength and health gave the program “Revizorro”! For a year I am not a person of the channel. Moreover, I do not come even suggestions on the conduct of some programs. Despite this, I’m still going to act within the law. My lawyers are already dealing with termination of the contract. Frankly, it’s all very frustrating and unfair!”

Recall, the whole story started on October 3, when Helen is Flying off the cuff made a report from the Voronezh hospital No. 2, finding there is unsanitary and gross violations. During her master class in the Voronezh social journalism, one of the trainees complained about the unsanitary conditions at a local hospital and asked what to do in such a situation. The story is immediately continued.

The results of the publications in the press and the plot in the program “Time” for restoring order in the hospital took local volunteers, and the Prosecutor’s office began checking. The first channel, estimating the significance and resonance of the incident, did Elena Fly offer to become the leading new program. Now Elena will have to take treatment not only of violations in restaurants and hotels. In the framework of the project “the Sweeney” Elena will gather a team of like-minded people, ready to teach viewers of the channel to fight for their rights.

For help, Elena can contact everyone, put your videos or writing a letter on the website of the First channel or the social network with #letositra. Every week the project will be to disassemble one of these cases. Elena Letuchaya and her team will develop a solution to a problem, come to the place, get acquainted with the hero of the series and his example will show you how to behave in such circumstances. Volunteers of the “Flying squad” will continue to monitor the issue and help you solve it.