Теона Дольникова поделилась фотографией сына
Almost two months ago, the family Teona Dolnikova and Maksim Shcheglov son was born.

Теона Дольникова поделилась фотографией сына

Theon almost immediately after birth, decided to share with fans a picture of baby, while not showing his face.

Only recently, the star published a photo of the son where the baby was asleep next to mom, and you can see part of his face.

“Today I learned a lot about people, about the hypocrisy and immorality. About friendship, about true and honest, which can overcome any differences, and about the honesty. Sad and free at the same time. And I realized the most important thing! What is the most important person is the one who lies in my arms!” the singer said followers.

The star revealed that it receives pleasure from the role of mother.

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