Теона Дольникова ждет ребенка The actress is preparing to become a mother for the first time. Teona Dolnikova appeared on one of the social events together with Maxim Shchegolev. It turned out that industry representatives are in a relationship, and soon they have a baby.

    Actress and singer Teona Dolnikova is preparing soon to become a mother. The artist tried as much as possible not to advertise their pregnancy, but over time it became difficult to hide slightly rounded tummy. Teona Dolnikova about a year meets with film and theater actor Maxim Shchegolev. “StarHit” contacted the actress to congratulate her with a joyful event.

    “Thank you, I am happy and feel great,” – said a celebrity.

    More details about the upcoming motherhood, said the representative of Dolnikova Petro Sheksheev.

    “Theon as little as possible to draw attention to her pregnancy. She is very kind to future baby. It is a very important and crucial moment – the birth of the first child. Despite the fact that the relationship they have with Maxim began about a year ago, only the closest knew about the affair. Now Theon and he is very happy and awaiting the birth of a child around the end of March. I think they already know the sex of a baby, but still keep it a secret”, – said PR-Director of actress.

    Maxim Shchegolev already has three children from his former passions – the son Ilya, who is now 14, and nine-year-old daughter Maria and eight-year-old Catherine.

    Two years ago in the life of Teona Dolnikova the occurred tragedy – the death of her boyfriend Nikita Bychenkov. The girl suffered very much, and was even afraid that he will never be able to achieve personal happiness. However, she managed to suppress emotional pain. “Everyone deals with grief in their own way. I think it is wrong to give advice. But I realize that sufferings are for a reason. Not that you were bad or did something wrong. And to make you understand something that you did not understand before. The main thing is to take that very hard. Not to be discouraged, although it is the wrong word, I guess. Anyway, you need to live, no matter how wanted to live,” said Theon in an interview with “StarHit”.