Тайна жизни и смерти Григория Распутина: мифы и неоспоримые факты “StarHit” to understand the causes of the death of the elder, as well as in the numerous legends developed around him a mysterious figure. To this day, Grigory Rasputin remains one of the most mysterious personalities in the history of the twentieth century.

      Тайна жизни и смерти Григория Распутина: мифы и неоспоримые факты

      On 12 December on the First channel started reruns of the historical series “Grigorii R”, starring roles in which performed Vladimir Mashkov, Ekaterina Klimova, Vladimir Koshevoy, Ingeborga Dapkunaite and Paulina Andreeva. The Director of the project was Andrei Malyukov, who previously worked on such popular films as “We from the future” and “In the zone of special attention”. Series premiere of the film took place in 2014. Then the film received positive reviews from viewers and critics, and now she is back on the screens.

      The creators of serial movie responsible approach to his filming. They painstakingly researched biography of one of the most enigmatic figures in Russian history of the XX century many myths about her. Especially a lot of information about friend of the family of Nicholas II, studied Vladimir Mashkov, the actor. The crew even talked about the fact that an actor like became the second Gregory: the artist changed gait and posture, different rhythm of speech and pronunciation. Mashkov is so accustomed to the way that he was called Vladimir Rasputin.

      “A few months before shooting began, Vladimir began to walk the roads of Rasputin. Spent the night in the Yusupov Palace (site of Rasputin’s murder – Ed.). He was allowed to be in places where there is Gregory. He read, reviewed and understand the huge number of archival documents” – shared producer Elena Denisevich.
      Тайна жизни и смерти Григория Распутина: мифы и неоспоримые факты


      Grigory Rasputin, a peasant village of Pokrovskoye in the Tobolsk province, died at 47 years of age. A man took his own group of conspirators, it happened on the night of 17 December 1916. Before you shoot the old man, the attackers lured him to Yusupov Palace and fed him cakes with potassium cyanide. When the initial plan didn’t work, had to get the gun.

      Among those who were preparing the murder of Rasputin was Felix Yusupov, Prince Dmitry Pavlovich, Vladimir Purishkevich and Oswald Rayner, a British intelligence agent SIS. The foreign participation in the crime has caused speculation that the man died at the behest of foreign intelligence agencies. However, the testimony of witnesses of that fateful night are different.

      Тайна жизни и смерти Григория Распутина: мифы и неоспоримые факты

      The conspiracy of the British

      In 2004, the British presented a documentary devoted to the death of Rasputin, the production of the BBC. It was alleged that the elder killed Oswald Rayner. According to researchers, the fatal shot in the forehead was made from a pistol Webley 455, which was used by British officers.

      The death of Rasputin, it was also reported in the picture, was beneficial to the British government. London was terrified by the mere thought that Russia will go on the world with Germany. According to British intelligence, such a step of Nicholas II declined a friend’s family – Grigory Rasputin. The task of Oswald Rayner, a University friend Felix Yusupov, was to alienate the peasant from the court or destroy it. The man himself until the end of days, tried not to speak about his involvement in the murder of Rasputin.

      Version Felix Yusupov

      The generally accepted version of Rasputin’s murder is the one shared by Felix Yusupov. According to some, the elder was supposed to cure him of his homosexuality, but this fact has not been proved.

      Yusupov felt that Rasputin has a detrimental effect on the Romanov dynasty and the history of Russia. After some time he found ready to take decisive action associates. Attackers have decided to poison the enemy. To do this, Felix Yusupov invited Rasputin to his guests, he willingly agreed. Food men put “elephant” a dose of potassium cyanide, but it did not work on Gregory. So Felix took the gun from Dmitri Pavlovich and shot in the heart of Rasputin. He fell and ceased to give life signs.

      Тайна жизни и смерти Григория Распутина: мифы и неоспоримые факты

      The criminals prepared a car to take the body of Rasputin from the Palace. But suddenly, Gregory rose up and jumped to his feet. The old man tried to escape, but failed. Friend of the family of Nicholas II was killed with several shots.

      “And something terrible has happened. Sharp movement Rasputin jumped to his feet. He looked creepy. His mouth was foamy. He shouted a bad voice, waved his hands and rushed at me. His fingers cut into my shoulders, trying to reach the throat. His eyes bulged, his mouth started to bleed. Rasputin quietly and hoarsely repeated my name. I can’t describe the horror which seized me,” recalled later, Felix Yusupov.


      About Grigory Rasputin have been a lot of myths. Historians continue to study the materials preserved from that time to clear up numerous rumors that enveloped the enigmatic figure of the old man.

      Myth 1. Rasputin was the lover of the Empress

      Many contemporaries of Rasputin and Nicholas II tried to understand why the elder had such a strong influence on the Royal family. Some believed that the farmer was having an affair with the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. We have the testimony of one of the closest to Rasputin. It argues that the woman was impressed by his personality.

      “I have personally heard from Rasputin that he is the former Empress made an impression on the first date with her. The Emperor also fell under his influence only after Rasputin his somewhat puzzled,” recalled Bishop Theophan.
      Тайна жизни и смерти Григория Распутина: мифы и неоспоримые факты

      Myth 2. Rasputin staged an Orgy

      Rasputin was an extraordinary person that is easily amazed all who were present, who saw in him the figure of something significant and mystical. The elder was a noble admirer, who spent much time with him. In the dedicated environment Rasputin included Maria Golovin, “the lioness of the Petersburg world” Olga Lohtia and friend of Alexandra Feodorovna, Anna Vyrubova and Julia Dehn.

      “That Rasputin was really the elder convinces me and my healing, and those predictions that I had to hear and that was justified,” recalled Olga Lohtia.

      According to the book by Edward Radzinsky “the Rasputin: the life and death”, the old man had a lot of fun at parties, which sometimes took the character of orgies. It is also worth noting that the Royal family believed that newspaper article about the Sabbath Rasputin printed at the behest of detractors. The Emperor and his wife did not believe all that was written about their friend.

      “In 1914, when he fell into a period of madness and orgies Rasputin… I have spent from 12 noon to 12 midnight, and drank a lot, sang, danced, talked with the audience, which was me. Then took a few people to the Pea, kept drinking with them until 4 in the morning sweet wine… While he drank surprising — no bestiality, so common in a drunken Russian man…” – says Alexey Filippov, publisher and admirer of Rasputin.
      Тайна жизни и смерти Григория Распутина: мифы и неоспоримые факты

      Myth 3. Rasputin was fond of black magic

      In the children’s cartoon “Anastasia” is portrayed Rasputin as an evil sorcerer. Rumors that the old man actually conducting the rituals of black magic, went, and during his lifetime. Grigory drew cartoons and called his contraption “the devil”, with the help of evil forces to win the trust of the Royal family.

      It is known that Rasputin did possess certain abilities. At least he helped to heal his high-ranking friends. According to some reports, only the elder could affect the health of the Tsarevich Alexei, whose illness was carefully concealed from prying eyes. The boy suffered from hemophilia.

      “Grigory Yefimovich was treated with prayer, he loved this time of a man, took upon himself all the pain him and he almost died when doing it,” said actor Vladimir Mashkov who has played the role of Rasputin in the show of the First channel.

      Myth 4. Rasputin was a Holy

      Despite all the rumors that Rasputin was a bad person, cheating to get the trust of Nicholas II and his family, some of his entourage thought of the elder saints. They also admired them and found the correct way of life. So, similar view was held by Olga Lohtia. Once brilliant society lady under the influence of Rasputin refused the worldly values. According to others, it even turned into a Holy fool.

      However, according to other information, Rasputin took bribes for the appointment of officials, pleasing way or another close to the Royal court. According to some, the elder earned 100 thousand rubles, when the Minister of justice was Nicholas Dobrovolsky.


      About Grigory Rasputin removed a lot of movies – documentary and fiction. In different times the role of the elder was performed by such actors as Gerard Depardieu, Alan Rickman and Hugh grant.

      “Agony” (1981)

      Soviet film about Grigory Rasputin, the former banned in the country. The Director of the movie was elem Klimov, who directed “Come and see” and “Welcome, or no trespassing”.

      “Rasputin” (1996)

      Winner of three awards “Golden globe”. The narrative in the film is on behalf of the murdered Tsarevich Alexei. The role of Rasputin was played by Alan Rickman.

      “Conspiracy” (2007)

      Russian painting, based on the version of BBC. The main roles in the film played by Ivan Okhlobystin, Christina Aguilera, Yaroslav Ivanov, Grigory Antipenko and others.

      “Rasputin” (2011)

      Russian-French picture with the participation of many movie stars – Gerard Depardieu, Fanny Ardant, Irina Alferova, Danila Kozlovsky and Julia Snigir, Yuri Kolokolnikov, Filipp Yankovsky, Konstantin Khabensky, and many others. The film also was involved Vladimir Mashkov who plays the role of Nicholas II.

      In preparing the article used materials 1tv.ru, Life.ru, Wday.ru.