Тенерифе — путешествие в испанскую сказку

Tenerife is an amazing place, which annually attracts thousands of tourists. The island leaves no one indifferent: it is surrounded by volcanic landscapes, coves, cliffs and picturesque forests. No matter what type of holiday you prefer, active or passive, because in Tenerife everyone can find something to their liking.

Тенерифе — путешествие в испанскую сказку

The climate only contributes to this: the two Islands are separated by mountains, so the South is very warm, dry, and in the North, on the contrary, very wet and windy, to bask in the sun it will not turn out. Choose a suitable one for you and forward, to enjoy vacation! And still the most popular in the South, because most of them come for the warmth of the sun and the sea. Therefore, the “island with two faces” (also known as Tenerife) rich in all sorts of beaches. Tell you about them in more detail.

Comfortable beaches Tenerife

You will find many options: pebble and sandy, wild, and equipped with all comforts… anyway, the landscapes will give you aesthetic pleasure.

  • Beach Beniha. It is not really suitable for bathing the whole family: there’s too strong a tide, it can be dangerous. But volcanic sand makes the beach really unusual, so you can count on beautiful pictures and unforgettable impressions.
  • ALMACIGA. Sea, rocks and black sand — what could be better? Here is quite strong waves that attracts surfers and fans of extreme sports.
  • Playa Chica. This place is perfect for a relaxing family holiday. Golden sand, moderate waves, a cozy promenade with shops and restaurants — will not be bored.
  • Del Duque. One of the most popular beaches of the island. It is easy reachable by car and then stay in a comfortable hotel on the seafront. Grey sand and clear water will make your stay pleasant and relaxing.
  • Torviscas. A large beach where you can try all: enjoy the peace and quiet, sipping a cocktail on the white sand, and spend time doing active sports.
  • Punta Blanca. Here is a special lot for surfing and wildlife, but to the fans more relaxing beach will like it too.
  • Playa de Troya. Bright, youth a place where constantly there are parties. The waves here are impressive, the atmosphere is noisy, so introverts are unlikely to appreciate.

When to go to Tenerife

  • Summer is not the best period to stay on the island (although in June there is an unusual flower festival “Corpus Christi”). There is quite warm, and the sun is soft and cool.
  • And that’s the beginning and the middle of autumn are quite suitable. The water temperature in the Atlantic ocean will reach the most appropriate level. The beaches, as we have seen, a great variety: while on vacation, you can visit several locations. To find a convenient route and plan it will help any company (for example, Yana Luxury Travel — the best tour in Tenerife https://www.yana.kiev.ua/resorts-416-o-tenerife.html ).
  • Winter in Tenerife is very cool by local standards: the water temperature up to 19 degrees. Night need additional clothing.
  • Spring begins to grow, the greenery, the rains become more intense. The weather is warm and pleasant.

If for some reason you cannot get to this area of Spain during the hot season, do not worry: there is the opportunity to arrange a fascinating shopping tour and visit educational tours (say, to the volcano Teide). Be prepared for the fact that those wishing to join will be very much.

How much is the trip?

The amount of money you have to spend on the trip depends on the season. The cheapest and the best season is the winter but swim in the sea, alas, will not work. Prices reach the highest point in August, when the water becomes warmer.

The best solution is to purchase a burning permit. It includes flights, transfers, food and stay. Examine the prices and calculate your expenses (food, beach sun loungers, all sorts of entertainment, gifts). A lot depends on the “magnitude”: you can eat in the restaurant or buy food in the supermarket; to ride on a banana boat or yacht. In any case, you’ll like it!