Учителя Ренаты Литвиновой не могут простить ей давнюю обиду Classmate celebrity told how she was teased in class because of what upset the favorite teacher. Renata Litvinova at the school believed that girls need to fall in love with literary characters.

      Учителя Ренаты Литвиновой не могут простить ей давнюю обиду

      This week in rolling out the film “Petersburg. Only for love”, Litvinova took off one of the seven novels and played a major role. The actress first visited this city in his youth. Almost all the childhood she spent in Moscow, studied in a regular school №246 in the area Sviblovo. Going to classes is not loved, years later called the period of study loneliness and hopelessness. But this did not prevent Renate to be a student. In high school she began writing short stories. Really shy and if you read them to my friends, it was said that the author Chukchi writer, rytkheu.

      Учителя Ренаты Литвиновой не могут простить ей давнюю обиду

      The hero of the novel

      “Together, we have gone from nursery kindergarten to the graduating class at the school – says Tatiana Savaskov. Renata was not the most sociable girl, but our moms were friends, besides, I was President of the class. Litvinov loved to tell scary stories about the dead, they constantly saw each other. Renata gathered all the guys from the group in a circle, wrapped in blankets and began to dream on the dark theme, quoted, “Viya”. Horror was catching up! But everyone listened with interest. Some of us will not start up, walked in the Park only with their mothers. Like many children, buried secrets – candy wrappers, chewing gum hidden under a piece of glass on top and covered with sand or earth, and then looking for someone to hide. Found not always. I remember we attempted to recreate the smell of the then popular Cologne “Russian forest”.

      Collected leaves and flowers, pressed, crushed, mixed. But perfumers of us, to be honest, was unimportant. The school Renata prefer to stay alone, I was able to fill in friends, and it is, in fact, no one touched. If we girls were going to have it at home, Renata was in no hurry to take part in our conversations – I sat down at the piano and Penkala range. In high school she had a hobby – collecting postcards with pictures of celebrities. When I saw what she had not, asked to exchange. And I always gave just – it’s just a piece of cardboard, but for her it was worth its weight in gold. Of Soviet celebrities Renata was emphasized by Lyudmila Gurchenko. Litvinova liked her style, way of talking. I remember how she held her hands to his waist and saying: “That is, Gurchenko 48 inches, it’s just awesome, that’s what we should strive for”. Of course, she did a great job, creating your image “a strange girl not from this world.” Manner of speech, unusual gestures, of course, part of a carefully orchestrated image that she herself invented.

      A future star in the class was the highest, so, like all girls model of growth, exposed to the ridicule of others.

      Учителя Ренаты Литвиновой не могут простить ей давнюю обиду “Because of this, classmates called her the Ostankino television tower and lofty, – says Elena Pinaev, neighbor Litvinova’s Desk. – On others she looked rather cold, and with regard to relations with the opposite sex – had not been noticed. Renata kept saying that the girls must fall in love with the heroes of the books, and she quite often was in this state of “love”.

      Without guilt guilty

      In an interview, Litvinova said that her teacher of Russian literature and was an ironic woman that liked to keep her after class, but not for extracurricular activities.

      “We read a little bit about his pupil in the newspaper, says “StarHit” teacher of history Nadezhda Zubova. – In one of the articles Renata told me everything that she was taught at school is to wash the floor. I was friends with the homeroom teacher Tamara and know how much it hurt. After all, the love of Renata to Russian literature and is largely the merit of a teacher. Their children she had, and she can say the soul is invested in Litvinov, taking care of her almost motherly, was engaged in addition, because the girl was honestly mediocre writing. Tamara Mikhailovna its pulled. And return got zero. I want to believe that eventually her attitude will change, but the years take their toll, and teachers who were engaged in, you have to count on my fingers all of them in old age. The same Tamara Mikhailovna did not a few years ago. Sorry, but releasing from school, she never remembered anything about their classmates or the teachers.”