Ольга Орлова рассказала о возлюбленном The singer rarely shares details of his personal life. Olga Orlova in the “invisible Man” has admitted that she has a favorite person. Artist reveals a secret relationship.

      Ольга Орлова рассказала о возлюбленном

      Actress and singer Olga Orlova carefully guards his personal life from prying eyes. The former soloist of group “Brilliant” was married to businessman Alexander by Karmanovym. Married to businessman celebrity gave birth to a son Artem. Now their child is already 15 years old. After a high-profile marriage to Alexander, Olga stopped singing in “Brilliant” and plunged into family life. All my free time the star gave son, who did not disappoint her famous mother – Artem studying in Russian and English schools, interested in the economy. Olga told reporters that in the future heir plans to work in the banking sector.

      Despite the fact that the artist tries not to talk about her personal life, she still decided to participate in the show “the invisible Man” on TV-3, which has opened surprising facts of her life.

      Hereditary fortuneteller Aida noted that in the heroine of the fate of the four married and currently with her favorite people. “Yes, three marriages I’ve had, now the fourth,” said Olga. After that, the singer is a little bit lifted the veil of secrecy of his personal life.

      “I’m with my man live for five years. We are both Scorpios. And when we argue with him, I see myself from the side. Seen their doorsteps, when the “screws up” your man is here”, – shared the artist.

      Aida called Olga Orlov “Heartbreaker” and charged that she has repeatedly taken husbands from their families. According to her, the heroine was doing it only for self-affirmation. The singer seemed to respond to unpleasant words in his address. She remembered the beginning of her career in adolescence.

      “When at the age of 16 to be a star, to assert itself in the eyes of other women you just don’t need!” – concluded Olga.

      Interestingly, experts – a psychologist, a palmist, a magician, a fortune teller, a shaman, and CSI do not know anything about the hero program. Moreover, they do not see and speak with the invited guest, but for personal things, hair, handwriting, fingerprints, palm lines, Tarot cards can tell everything about a person without reserve.