Учитель столичной школы объявлен в международный розыск после секс-скандала A former teacher of the history of Boris Meyerson, who is now in Israel, in absentia arrested. A man suspected of committing acts of a sexual nature against a person under 16 years of age. The consequence considers that Meyerson had conspired with his colleague.

      Учитель столичной школы объявлен в международный розыск после секс-скандала

      A number of media reports that the Moscow city court sanctioned the arrest in absentia of the former teacher from the prestigious Moscow school №57 Boris Meyerson. The man is suspected of sexual abuse of minors. If Meyerson will delay law enforcement officials, he will spend two months in custody since his extradition to Russia. Now the defendant is on the international wanted list.

      Earlier the decision on correspondence arrest history teacher took Moscow’s Khamovniki court. Monday, February 13, the decision left without change.

      Recall that in September last year in respect of 50-year-old teacher of history Boris Meyerson, and 25-year-old Mary nemser, graduates of school №57, was prosecuted. According to investigators, from April to December 2010, they have repeatedly made actions of sexual nature against a person under 16 years of age. Law enforcement officers believe that nemser and Meyerson entered into a preliminary agreement. At the moment they are in Israel.

      Mary herself refused to comment on accusations that she put forward. In September last year, nemser said that it is not ready to give an interview. After she graduated from school №57, she worked there as a teacher. Like many other graduates, she wrote a Frank post, in which he shared his point of view on what was happening in the school.

      “I was silent. Silent, because I loved the 57 school. Silent, because I loved the administration of 57 schools. Nothing, because myself loved you. Silent, because I allowed myself to love… I had to write before. I’m not a victim. That the victims (in the conventional sense) not at all I perfectly understand and know about them all to say. P. S. During my teaching systematic pressure I felt from one teacher, and female. I assumed it was that “we did not agree on one theological question,” but is now confidently assume unrequited lesbian love, and coercion. Only trouble is – I’m not about that,” says nemser.

      We will remind also that in January 2017 the sex scandal broke out in another prestigious institution of Moscow – in a “League of schools”. In one online publication published an article in which he cited the testimony of victims of violence from the Director and head teacher of the school. The investigation of journalists interested in the Investigative Committee. The real causes of a sex scandal at an elite school: why the testimony of female students diverge