Евгений Кузин: «Дочь назову Софией» Participant of the TV project “Dom-2” told about the plans for the future. According to Eugene’s Cousin, Sasha Artemova fascinated him after the first meeting. Man wants that in a few years they will buy a big house with a fireplace, and around will run their children.

      Евгений Кузин: «Дочь назову Софией»

      February 13 broadcast of TNT will sum up competition “the House-2. The wedding of the year”. Users of social networks have already called the winners of the project of Eugene and Cousin Sasha Artemov. The boys beat out the other participants, winning the highest number of audience votes. We talked to Evgeny Kuzin that gave him a TV show, as well as about the relationship with Sasha Artemov and upcoming nuptials.

      The star of “House-2” Sasha Artemova: “While we have not been able to have a baby”

      Zhenya, why you decided to return to the “House-2”? How did your family react to your decision close? Parents?
      Евгений Кузин: «Дочь назову Софией»The decision was spontaneous. I met with the producers of the competition of the project, we talked and agreed. Sasha and I want to get married, a million is good money. So the offer was interesting. All relatives and friends she took it well.

      Aren’t you tired of “House-2” for so many years?
      Евгений Кузин: «Дочь назову Софией»On the project I am since 2008 and consider myself part of the “House-2”. I would even say, the Foundation. I like this place, I bow before him, because in many ways the TV show has made me what I am now. And I really consider it my second home. —
      Remember what first attracted you Sasha? Why I want to be only with her?
      Евгений Кузин: «Дочь назову Софией»I liked her character, how she responded to people who talked back. It has a core, the desire to live and speak the truth, which often do not love others. Sasha is stunning and beautiful.—
      Sasha told us how you proposed to her… And you remember this moment? What was it like?
      Евгений Кузин: «Дочь назову Софией»I can’t say that it was just a suggestion. I just came, gave her a ring, even did not say: “Become my wife”. I think that things like silence.

      Which of the dates with Sasha you remember the most?
      Евгений Кузин: «Дочь назову Софией»Over the past two months that the contest lasted “the wedding of the year”, we had more dates than probably in my entire life. Sasha almost every day giving me surprises. We sailed on the yacht, flown in a helicopter. Besides, Sasha organized meetings in which we have turned into newlyweds from other countries. We had an Indian wedding, Chinese, Mexican, African! It is difficult to choose the best date. But most of all I remember our first meeting with Sasha.—
      Jack, you were married once… I Want a second wedding celebration or just planning to sign the registry office?
      Евгений Кузин: «Дочь назову Софией»I personally would like to just go to the registry office. But I know that Sasha, like any woman who dreams of a great wedding, like a Princess. It’s her day. So for her sake I am ready for a Grand celebration, and it will have us!

      Why do you think you and Sasha disliked?
      Евгений Кузин: «Дочь назову Софией»It is not like everyone because it tells the truth. To me on the project are fine. But I know that if people don’t agree with your position, then it is correct. —
      How did your appearance in the Seychelles the other participants?
      Евгений Кузин: «Дочь назову Софией»Despite the fact that everyone was smiling, I think they see us as big rivals. Because the probability of our victory is large enough, because the audience to me are very loyal. And, of course, it is not very much, because two weeks before the competition all began to discuss what would be dresses, rings and so on. And suddenly there we are. —
      What were you doing outside the perimeter?
      Евгений Кузин: «Дочь назову Софией»I spend corporate parties and various events. I’m doing pretty good, and I earn it. Constantly have to communicate with different people, make new friends, and I am a person very sociable. Sasha plays is. —
      As you spoil your favorite? What gifts do? Surprises?
      Евгений Кузин: «Дочь назову Софией»Sasha, try not to indulge. That is, every day do not bring her gifts and do not fulfill whims. I start from the fact what she really needs at the moment. For example, if she needs her phone, bag, perfume, I go and buy her that. —
      Are you afraid that Sasha may eventually find someone else?
      Евгений Кузин: «Дочь назову Софией»I am not afraid. Because it is life, and it can happen to anyone. That is why it is attractive! The unpredictability inspires us. And if it happens that Sasha would find someone else, then so fated. But I love her and do not want to lose! —
      How do you keep passion in a relationship?
      Евгений Кузин: «Дочь назову Софией»I can say that I’m a real dreamer! So my ideas do not give us bored.—
      Do you want more children? How do you see your son Mitya?
      Евгений Кузин: «Дочь назову Софией»I see her all the time. Every Sunday we go to the zoo, Park, circus and other places. I really miss the text, we text all the time, talk on the phone. Our relationship with him has reached a new level. I want more children, a daughter, because our family are mostly all men. I would call it Sofa, Sofia.

      How did you find the second marriage of the former wife Margaret? You often have to communicate?
      Евгений Кузин: «Дочь назову Софией»Periodically, we contact, but only on matters concerning the child. I am very grateful to Pasha, husband of Margaret, because he loves my son. And loves for real, not because it is necessary. And Mitya, too, well it is. And I am very happy, because she was afraid that Pasha may not perceive, and boy will it feel. But no, they are friends.—
      In a Network often criticized your way of life, saying you’re “stuck” on the “House-2″… How do you feel about negative reviews in the address?
      Евгений Кузин: «Дочь назову Софией»Yes, it happens. But I don’t think that stuck. I hope that soon the audience will see me in a new status. In front of me opens more and more possibilities, I constantly go forward. The criticism I now pay less attention, although it had previously experienced. If you say that something is the case, then a positive attitude. And if the criticism is unfounded and just throw mud, it comes from envy. This is written by the people who just sit online and do not themselves have reached. Never in my life have I posted a negative comment in someone’s address. It seems to me, do insecure people. —
      How do you see your life with Sasha in five years?
      Евгений Кузин: «Дочь назову Софией»I will be 37, she is 26. We will buy a big house with a fireplace, will have children. I see my future that way.—
      Do you think that after the project “Wedding in a million” which pair do get married, and which diverge?
      This is a complex issue. Sasha definitely got married because I found my person. About the rest I can’t say. If those who are shouting on every corner of the marriage, and would like to get married, they would have done it long ago. And time does not play a wedding, so there is uncertainty. That’s all. I think our opponents and will not go to the Registrar. And I think the viewers agree with me.