Тейлор Свифт провозгласили арийской богиней

Far from the policy of Taylor swift in the future designate a place near the Manager of the United States of America.

An unexpected statement was made by Mitchell Sunderland – a representative of the so-called movement of American neo-Nazis.

In the opinion of men, now the singer herself without knowing it, is a racist who is open about his attitude towards representatives of other races will be able to speak only when Donald trump comes to power.

Тейлор Свифт провозгласили арийской богиней

“Taylor swift is a secret Nazi and just waiting to win Donald trump will allow her to open up to the world. Perhaps she will rule America with his son trump”, — leads edition of the words of the American blogger Andre anglin’s advocating white supremacism (the dominance of “whites” over other races). Given these factors, the article gives the nickname of “Aryan goddess” who dubbed swift.

To determine exactly when the 26-year-old blue-eyed blonde became the idol of American neo-Nazism, at present it is difficult, says Sunderland.

Most likely, the singer drew attention three years ago when the Network appeared demotivators with pictures of Taylor and quotes Adolf Hitler.

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