Тейлор Свифт увеличила грудь — утверждают СМИ

According to the press and plastic surgery, Taylor swift recently had surgery for breast enlargement.

Taylor swift (Taylor Swift) is now enjoying a romance with Tom Hiddleston (Tom Hiddleston) and the title of the highest paid stars. Recall that the public doubts the sincerity of the feelings of the star couple, the paparazzi is constantly stalking Taylor, and her latest pictures, and even gave the press and fans thinking that she had a boob job.

The Daily Mail compared the photos of Taylor swift in the awards ceremony Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas in may 2015, where she came in a revealing white outfit, with pictures in a red ensemble with a crop-top The Reformation, which she wore on a recent date with Tom Hiddleston. According to the publication, they argue that swift used the services of a plastic surgeon.

Fans of the singer think Taylor swift had two operations: one for the presentation of the album Red in 2012, and another after breaking up with Calvin Harris (Calvin Harris). Many even suggested that the change in breast size swift connected with her pregnancy.

“Looking at recent photos of Taylor swift, it seems that it used surgical breast enlargement, says mark Norfolk (Mark Norfolck), clinical Director of Transform. — Most likely, she chose a modest implant size to breast size fit her figure. Probably implants placed under the muscle. This method is used patients who wish to obtain a natural result, but do not have enough fatty tissue in the breast, which could work surgeon. Taylor looks great, the result is very natural.”

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