Tatyana Vasileva has put in place Olga Buzova

Татьяна Васильева поставила на место Ольгу Бузову
70-year-old actress had a fight with the star of “House-2”.

Olga Buzova

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova)

Olga Buzova — character in the world of show-business, which does not leave the audience indifferent. You either like them or not. Tatyana Vasilyeva, a colleague of the stars “House-2” in the new program on the First channel, before he joined antepartum 31-year-old actress. Their attitude Olga Vasilyeva expressed on the set of the project “women’s revolt”.

It all started with the fact that Vasiliev expressed surprise about how people “sticking” to the self. She considers it a silly exercise. This recognition reacted Buzova, who was sitting in that moment with Tatiana at the same table. Olga promised to teach this simple lesson to a colleague. Olga I’m sure fans are just waiting for new photos of the stars.

“Do something first, so that the country wanted to see you,” he criticized Tatiana love Buzova to narcissism. We will remind that Olga presented the video for the new song “Wrong” which also became popular, like previous video works of Olga.