Татьяна Устинова феноменально похудела Writer and TV presenter Tatyana Ustinova has changed beyond recognition. The woman lost so much weight that many fans, after seeing pics online, just not recognized it.
Татьяна Устинова феноменально похудела

Scandals, intrigue, investigation – the words that can be applied not only to the high-profile program, but also to Tatyana Ustinova. The author of numerous investigators is well versed in the intricacies of human lives, because her books almost always become bestsellers. Attention is focused and to-the-50-year-old writer. Thus, recently, the network appeared the photo Ustinova. However even the most loyal fans immediately were able to learn in a thin woman Tatiana Vitalievna.

“Tatiana never know what thin now!”, “That’s exactly Ustinov?!” “In an interview, Tatyana Ustinova wrote that weighed 180 pounds,” commented subscribers.
Татьяна Устинова феноменально похудела

Six months ago, Ustinov really talked that dropped more than 100 pounds. The writer admitted that a child from complexes because of their appearance. For example, Tatiana could not wear high heel shoes because of the growth of 180 centimeters. In addition, the author has always loved to eat, but the unbridled feeling of hunger brought her almost to be a disaster due to the enormous weight considerably deteriorated the health of the stars.

Татьяна Устинова феноменально похудела“Now mom won’t eat. Sometimes I think it can fast for several days. And that’s assuming that she cooks really well. Besides, mom’s got iron willpower. If she said that losing weight, you will sweat in the gym and starve, but you will achieve results,” – said the eldest son stars Timothy.