Анастасия Вертинская не может простить себе развод с Михалковым People’s artist of the RSFSR became the first wife of Nikita Mikhalkov. They married while still students, however, was short-lived. Mikhalkov sure: Anastasia Vertinskaya still has strong feelings for him.
Анастасия Вертинская не может простить себе развод с Михалковым

Beautiful love Anastasiya Vertinskaya and Nikita Mikhalkov was mesmerizing. The beautiful actress and handsome Director – they loved each other even after a breakup. And, according to Nikita Sergeevicha, perhaps love still. Star of Soviet cinema became the first wife of the master, however had been married they long. The reason for the gap is simple – do not get along.

Future spouses met in Scenska school. At that time their names were familiar to many – she has played the legendary role of Assol and Ophelia, he became the star of the iconic “I step through Moscow”.

About their love you can say words of Bulgakov, “love jumped out in front of us like out of the ground POPs a killer in the alley, and struck us both”. In 1966 Mikhalkov and Vertinskaya was married and six months before the couple had a son Stepan.

But the happiness of the young was short-lived. Frequent quarrels, blasting the characters of both spouses after three years, they broke up. And that, Anastasia Aleksandrovna cannot forgive myself to this day.

Stepan Mikhalkov showed the grown son

Анастасия Вертинская не может простить себе развод с Михалковым“I frenzied, almost manic wanted to be an actress. For this, I thought I must sacrifice everything. And Nikita, of course, went his own way. He needed a woman to live his life, his interests. He always told me that the appointment of women to sit in the country and to give birth to children,” says Vertinsky.
Анастасия Вертинская не может простить себе развод с Михалковым

Now, with the height of the experience, Vertinskaya understands – someone had to give. But to put career over family, she was not, and he is not able to accept it. Nikita even many years later, sure that his Anastasia is still in love.

The actress also admits that Mikhalkov remains one of the closest people, despite the many novels that didn’t go to her after the divorce. So, the relationship with the musician Alexander Gradsky Vertinskaya prefers not to remember, saying that this Union brought her only frustration.

The most “durable” of the Soviet Vivien Leigh, as he called her colleagues and fans, believes the relationship with Oleg Efremov. Their affair lasted 20 years, and that for his sake she went to work in the Moscow art theatre from the native “Contemporary”.

“At a time when I wanted to marry him, it was impossible as he was married. And when he wanted to, I already disliked. Oleg Nikolaevich was a very drinking man. It is a heavy cross, and I to shoulder the could not,” admitted the actress.