Татьяна Терешина показала фигуру в прозрачном белье The singer took part in a provocative photo shoot. In the picture that Tatiana Tereshina shared in social media, she poses in sexy tight-fitting bodysuit that does not hide the advantages of her figure.

      Singer Tatiana Tereshina constantly surprised fans with provocative shots. During one of the recent pictures of the actress posing while sitting in bed. Spice frame makes the fact that Tereshinoy wearing a transparent bodysuit, emphasizes the dignity of her figure. After the celebrity made a post in social networks, she decided to ask the podeschi, how often they choose sexy underwear.

      “When you woke up on Monday as Sunday and still eyes are still closed, but I want to be dressy. Though shooting today don’t have a sexy background still choose this beauty! Tell me, do you wear under the jackets here are sexy things or only on special occasions? I wonder, am I the only one or is brave?” – asked Tatyana from those who are watching her microblogging.

      Fans Tereshinoy found that it looks amazing. Girls subscribed to the updates of the artist in social networks, told her that, too often, choose body. “Cool”, “Love these things”, “This is really cool”, “Wear without problems”, discussed by users of social networks.

      Earlier Tatyana Tereshina objfile in his microblog that he was returning to the stage. Note that the singer, performing with the group Hi-Fi for a long time nothing was heard. In 2011 the debut album Tereshinoy, called “Open my heart”. This record lasted four years, it included such songs as “Fragments of sense”, “too hot”, “Western” and “Radio GA-GA-GA”. The author of a number of songs became a famous musician Noize MC. In 2014, the artist released the video for “Forgive me”, directed by Roman Trofimov.

      In his recent post Tereshina hastened to tell the fans about why not delight them with new works. In recognition of the singer, she was in creative search.

      “A long pause though, and continued to tour, but nothing was released, and all because I didn’t want to waste your time because I don’t like to do half a leg. Was not the easiest period, partly due to family stress and can not describe in one post the whole range of emotions that I experienced during these two years, not yet released songs. Finally I’m ready! Yay! And finally I started to work on the track. It’s only the beginning, but I was very encouraged by these first steps of the new matured and strengthened me.” – shared the singer.