And in sorrow and in joy: weddings and separation of the stars, which speak in the world this year

И в горе, и в радости: свадьбы и расставания звезд, о которых заговорит мир в этом году There are things that are impossible to predict. Well, that marriage is planned in advance, and the loud rumblings of the breakup is obvious. There will be many surprises from celebrities.

      И в горе, и в радости: свадьбы и расставания звезд, о которых заговорит мир в этом году

      Even if mere mortals are getting married, an expensive smoke, as a rule, is a yoke. What can we say about celebrities! Dresses and rings, menu and the guest list – all reads like an adventure novel.

      Jason Statham

      At the beginning of last year, 49-year-old actor made an offer hands and hearts model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley that he’s been Dating for more than six years. However, the 29-year-old beauty do not expect a noisy and crowded celebration, because it is not in the habits of Jason.

      “When we get married, the journalists know about it last time,” he said. Even if Rosie is disappointed, she supports the right bride loved everything. “We can’t shop together to go, because people stick to Jason, modestly she admits. – You have to restrict the joint appearance of the red paths. Of course, we don’t want uninvited guests at the wedding. Moreover, the ceremony is sure to go awry, we are not able to otherwise”.

      Perhaps this will be followed by other happy news. Rosie has already hinted that he is ready to give birth to the chosen child.

      “I think about it all the time and I don’t know where to start a family – in America or in England, – said the model. But there are certain difficulties. I try not to think of the future, so to live more interesting”.

      And recently there was the model in this spacious poncho that brought the public to the idea that Rosie is pregnant.


      И в горе, и в радости: свадьбы и расставания звезд, о которых заговорит мир в этом году

      The most anticipated wedding of 2017, we will enjoy the 33-year-old sister of the Duchess of Cambridge. Happy bride and her partner, 41-year-old millionaire James Matthews, has sent out postcards to guests asking them not to take 20 of may, because on that day the bride and groom will have to wait for their gifts and greetings to the Church of Englefeld. The picturesque village located a few kilometers from home senior Middletons, who have decided not to deal with restaurants and a Banquet.

      Initially the press assumed that Duchess Catherine is the most obvious candidate for the role of bridesmaid. However, Pippa decided to stick with the old tradition, according to which a girlfriend can take only unmarried ladies younger than the bride. Pippa Middleton beats sister on the scale of the wedding

      “Pippa diplomatically out of a difficult situation – believe friends. She wants to see sister beside him at the altar, but in this case, Kate will draw all the attention and outshine the heroes of the occasion”.

      Nephews and nieces are another matter altogether. According to rumors, Princess Charlotte trust to throw at the Church, flower petals, and Prince George is to bring the ring. Of course, under adult supervision, because only one custom ring Pippa’s worth $250 thousand, “James never would have bought her jewelry in the window – say in the entourage of the groom. It’ll be something unique.”


      И в горе, и в радости: свадьбы и расставания звезд, о которых заговорит мир в этом году

      33-year-old model is engaged to 26-year-old founder of the social network Snapchat Evan Spiegel since last summer. “Making the offer, my fiance said it was the first and last time he stands before me on his knees,” shared Miranda. Friends of the couple predict “an extravagant celebration in the style of Evan” and claim that the bride was only too happy to shift the ceremony on his shoulders. It is interesting to see that the owner of the state to more than two billion dollars invested in the concept of “extravagance”.

      One thing is clear: these lovers are for sure not going to celebrate the marriage with a picnic in the backyard of his new mansion in Brentwood. The role of a pageboy at the wedding will do a great job 5-year-old Flynn is Miranda’s son from her marriage to Orlando bloom who adores stepfather. It is important that the preparation for the wedding takes place with the blessing of the bloom. The actor is friends with the chosen one ex-wife, will receive an invitation to the celebration.


      Let the attitude of celebrity weddings have almost unlimited chances to keep love, they have no more than ordinary people. Maybe these couples will end in 2017 apart.


      И в горе, и в радости: свадьбы и расставания звезд, о которых заговорит мир в этом году

      Rumors that the novel 39-year-old actor and 32-year-old singer Katy Perry is going through hard times, went for a walk last fall.

      “Orly wants to end the relationship, said friends of the actor at the beginning of November. – Hinted that Katie is configured to marriage and children and he is not ready”. According to friends of the singer, and she guessed that the relationship with Orlando unlikely to lead to the creation of a family. “Katie’s still very fond of Orly, but can no longer deny that they have a different life path and purpose,” they said.

      At that time the rumor proved false, but no smoke without fire, as we know, does not happen. Especially during the frequent separations and Katie her freedom lover anticipates other women.


      In November, 39-year-old musician ended up in a psychiatric hospital with the “temporary psychosis”. And while Kanye spent only nine days, during this time, his 36-year-old wife thought hard about divorce. Too emotional Kim do not tolerate stress, and to raise two small children under the same roof with a mentally unstable man – not for the faint of heart.

      Friend Kim Kardashian told the truth about her divorce

      “Kim is afraid to admit it to the kids,” the sources said, surrounded by family. At the end of the year there were rumors that the reality star urged her husband to live separately. “She wants to wait with the divorce until Kanye was not going to recover completely, said friends of the couple. – Kim still loves him. But after she was mugged in Paris, she needed support, but instead, he withdrew into himself. She didn’t even understand what was happening to him, until he was taken to the hospital. The role of the stronger partner in the marriage it is clearly not on the shoulder.”