Tatyana Tereshina first came out with her fiancé

Татьяна Терешина впервые вышла в свет со своим женихом
The singer told what pleases her favorite.

Tatiana Tereshina with the groom Oleg

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Tatyana Tereshina
came with his
the groom at the award Fashion
People Awards. “This Is Oleg, —
introduced singer of the beloved. —
The stylists dressed me, and he undresses”. Offer
hands and hearts from Oleg Tatiana got
in may, immediately after celebrated
39 years.
“Happiness is impossible here to relate.
It’s a gift, a knowledge of… Happiness is necessary
feel. I have music there
daughter, for which I’m doing all this is
my Atlant, who, incidentally, asked
my hands,” admitted Tereshina.

the way, earlier about the groom Tereshina announced
nothing, not even the name of the man remained
mystery. Publications she called him “Mr. gray”.
So man began to call fans
the actress who celebrated external
the similarity of the groom Tereshinoy with the actor
Jamie Dornan, who played a major role
in the franchise “50 shades of grey”.

so long ago Tatyana has told that
after a breakup
in 2015, with TV presenter Glory Nikitin her
it was hard to trust another man.
“I recovered after a difficult
parting with father ARIS for a long time. And a lot of
tears in the pillow was shed, because ARIS
two years was not. I was very worried
even for her. We broke up not because of cheating
or indifference… We broke up
feelings, but was nervous, brought
the relationship to the point of absurdity. I 10 months not
met anyone, so, just flirting
allow myself…” — says Tatiana.