Татьяну Догилеву беспокоят проблемы со здоровьем The actress celebrates 60th anniversary. According to Dogileva, sometimes she has to refuse participation in some pictures, as from time to time she displays symptoms that interfere with work.

      Татьяну Догилеву беспокоят проблемы со здоровьем

      Today, well-known actress Tatyana Dogileva birthday. According to the artist, at age 60, she finds herself a real pensioner who starred in the movie if you wish. The woman admitted that every year the busy schedule has a negative impact on her health. Dogileva explained that lost interest in the profession and are not ready for heavy loads.

      “A lot of flying! Health is not the same. Drifted to the point that I had a sense of panic before the flight. Not that I’m afraid to fly, and due to the fact that you don’t want. I lost interest in the profession. And I don’t see anything wrong with that, to do nothing,” admitted Tatiana.

      As the woman told, she did not need to prove to other people in the film industry what she is capable of. Analyzing the experience of past years, Dogileva says that maybe she should have behave somewhat differently when she had a career. In particular, the actress did her best while working on the series “Luba, money and plant.” However, this dedication provoked health problems.

      “Just after that I became very sick. I was disturbed sleep mechanism. But I went into this project not for money, I thought – well, the last time will play the heroine. Now that’s enough. Sometimes I am invited on the role of mom, distinguishing images, Comedy. But I’m different now belong to work. You know, when you live under the sword of Damocles – and if not will call, and if you throw and how I look, and suddenly feel the freedom… It’s so nice!” explained Dogileva.

      At this stage of life Tatiana tries to spend more time with the family and also their Hobbies. The actress loves to read and look at the various foreign and domestic series. According to Dogileva, many other Actresses live as well as she did many years ago. In the movie “Burn” Kirill Pletnev star watching colleagues and making conclusions.

      “I looked at their life, and I was scared. All the time I thought – God, what they do, why there’s no stopping them, look where their husbands? But then I remembered that I also lived. This is a very difficult existence. And I don’t need it now. Not!” – Tatyana admitted in an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.