Марат Башаров намерен наказать экстрасенсов Artist outraged by the audacity of the crooks. Host of “Battle of psychics” was surprised to learn of the existence of a “care Center Marat Basharova” and says that he has no relation to this facility. The man asked the police to restore justice.

      Марат Башаров намерен наказать экстрасенсов

      Actor and presenter of the popular program “the Battle of psychics” Marat Basharov has suffered from actions of swindlers. The fact that unscrupulous “magicians” and “healers” have decided to cash in on the name of a celebrity. The unknown opened the help centre, which acted on behalf of a famous actor. When the people who wanted to find answers to their questions by magic, addressed to the organization, the fraudsters on the phone told them about the “curse” and for the money promised “to remove damage”. The actor denies any involvement in this office.

      “I, Marat Basharov, have no relationship to the so-called “centers of Marat Basharova”. The centers, staffed by Scam, pure fraud,” said the artist.

      Unknown people use to attract the attention of the leading picture “the battle of psychics”. Now the site help center does not work, but in social networks are preserved account of the organization, which is full of bright advertisements about free consultations with healers, psychologists and psychics.

      Live psychics working on behalf Basharova, nobody has seen all receptions are conducted exclusively by phone. However, the services of “experts” is expensive. Those who believed in the power of imaginary clairvoyants and sorcerers, had to part with a large sum of money. “137 666, without rounding, because each digit has its own value,” he told reporters on a telephone consultation.

      Marat Basharov became the leading project “Battle of psychics” in 2009. Man is often faced with the swindlers who tried to gain popularity by participating in the famous TV show. Basharov told me that in the 16th season appeared mom and daughter who could not cope with any task. According to him, the women blamed the master that they were not able to successfully pass the test. Marat was extremely indignant at such a statement and urged viewers not to go to those receptions. Marat Basharov spoke about the behind the scenes of “the battle of psychics”

      Basharov going to fight with scammers and punish them for illegal use of his name and pictures. He asked the police to restore justice.

      “Personally, I came to the police station and wrote a statement to the police. But neither the answer, nor greetings. I took the statement and everything. So it’s all covered with a copper basin” – complained Basharov in conversation with the correspondent of the TV channel REN TV.