Tatiana Tarasova celebrated anniversary

Татьяна Тарасова с размахом отпраздновала юбилей The holiday coach was held in the heart of the capital. Wish Tatyana Anatolievna happiness, health and all the best came from her colleagues, friends and relatives. Among the guests of the sports stars were Alla Pugacheva, Alexei Yagudin, Tatiana Navka, Vyacheslav Zaytsev, Ilya Averbukh, and many others.

      13 Feb prominent figure skating coach Tatiana Tarasova was 70 years old. On this occasion, the sports star decided to gather his friends in Gum. To congratulate the legendary Tatiana Tarasova came many celebrities, including Alla Pugacheva, Viacheslav Zaitsev, Alexey Yagudin, Roman Kostomarov, Tatiana Navka, Ilya Averbukh and many others. The guests began to gather 19 PM. At first Tarasov held a press conference, and then took the show skaters and after that relatives, friends and colleagues of the birthday girl gathered for a chic table to raise a glass in her honor.

      Coach Tatiana Tarasova was in the hospital because of Alexei Yagudin

      Tatyana Anatolievna is also toasts. One of them was devoted to her parents, Anatoly and Nina G. Tarasov. At the time, they did much to little Tanya loved the sport and started to perform different exercises. A video in which the legendary coach remembers loved ones, shared her favorite student Alexei Yagudin. Previously, he posted a touching message on social networks.

      “Dear, beloved, unbeatable! Thanks for the door that you revealed to me in this life! For believing in me! Because of the “flying stool” made an Olympic champion. Because I have two moms! Just because you are. Love you with all my heart and I wish you many years of health and happiness,” wrote Yagudin in his microblog.

      It is worth noting that on the same day a famous athlete came out on the ice to please Tatiana Anatolievna. Alexei Yagudin appeared in the form of Andrei Mironov from the cult film “the diamond arm”. Elegant steps and graceful leaps skater was highly appreciated by the guests of the evening. Brilliant the room was and Tatiana Navka and Roman Kostomarov. They showed a great harmony under the song “do Not deny loving”. In turn, Tatyina Tatiana and Maxim Marinin also amazed the audience with movements. The pair has chosen a different, equally well-known song — “like” on the poetry of Marina Tsvetaeva.

      Social media users joined the numerous congratulations of friends and colleagues and sports stars. “Great Tatiana, happy birthday!”, “Health for many years”, “Man-legend”, “For a beautiful woman! It has everything — work, friends, even enemies, and talented students who idolize! Life is in full swing. And thank God,” they wrote.