The family Del refused to fight for the children

Семья Дель отказалась от борьбы за детей Spouses of Zelenograd took a claim. Svetlana and Michael Del decided not to go to court in order to return eight guys. The couple’s lawyer announced that his clients have accepted such a decision.

      Семья Дель отказалась от борьбы за детей

      In mid-January, the public was amazed by the news that the family Del took the children. The teacher of the preschool noticed the body of one of the kids bruises and reported to law enforcement that the suspect parents of abuse. The father of adopted children from Zelenograd explained the bruises on the body of the son

      Svetlana and Michael Del did not tolerate such attitude of the authorities and appealed to the court for protection of their rights. However, some time later they changed their decision and withdrew the suit. Lawyer Ivan Pavlov reported that its subscribers in the social network, but did not dwell on the reasons for such action customers.

      “Today Svetlana and Michael Del withdrew a civil action challenging the orders of termination of guardianship of eight children. Svetlana and Michael thanked us for helping and asked in the future not to take any legal action, including criminal prosecutions of Michael. We hope that these difficult decisions are made taking into account the interests of the family and aimed at the resolution of this incident by other means. We no longer have the right to comment on this case and wish Svetlana and Michael luck,” wrote the judge.
      Семья Дель отказалась от борьбы за детей

      The followers were very surprised that the family Del for some reason departed from the original decision. They hoped that they would be able to defend their rights, and the law is on their side. “Thank you, what made you decide to participate in this! Many, of course, do not understand their decision, what came. For better or gives, on the contrary, a chance for the return of children. Us who supports a family, nothing is clear”, “the time will Come, and we all understand it is tragic that the decision was or do with meaning and benefit for the family! But somehow enduring anxiety”, “Very sad and quite predictable. Svetlana still have children and it is easy to manipulate, to blackmail. I hope the story will still be continued. And, hopefully, win the bright side,” wrote concerned.

      Семья Дель отказалась от борьбы за детей

      Not so long ago the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin personally commented on the situation with the family from Zelenograd. He said that since the spouses Del the contract was terminated the guardianship of foster children, who have even begun to look for new parents.

      Many celebrities couldn’t stay away from this situation and tried to draw attention to it. Seven stood up Vera Brezhneva, Evelina Bledans, Irena Ponaroshku, Elena Miro and others.