Татьяна Самойлова ради роли в «Анне Карениной» похудела на 10 килограммов
Because of this, the actress happened to nervous breakdowns.

Tatiana Samoilova and Vasily Lanovoi in the film Anna Karenina. 1967


Tatiana Samoilova was lucky she woke up famous in 23 years, starring in the film “the cranes are Flying”. But the trouble is that for many years after that serious filmmakers
didn’t ask her to do. Was afraid to take a picture of the actress that used to call all
“Veronica” was afraid of a recognizable image.

And only ten years after “the cranes are Flying” Tatiana finally have a real role where she could
be fully disclosed. But for this she had to make sacrifices — to lose ten pounds.

“The fact that this size was made very expensive suits,” says the brother of actress and Alexey Samoilov. And on the court
costume designers every day met Tanya with centimeter in hands — as if not
recovered! But in vain they were worried. Tanya because the role was so nervous
quite seem to have stopped eating”.

A forced hunger strike, long hours, the nervous wait for the result of all this was to result in
nervous breakdowns have Samoilova.

“The husband of Tanya recalled, sometimes, as in the morning she woke up and decided:
“Not going anywhere! Tired! This movie is another failure,” continues the brother of the actress. — Meanwhile
the set was all ready, all waiting for Samoilov. Somehow
joint efforts managed to calm Tanya and send her up to star. Thank
God, her fears were in vain — the movie was a success. It’s just
was the last important work in the life of sisters…”

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