Nikita Dzhigurda decided to change the name

Никита Джигурда решил сменить фамилию
The actor intends to refuse from the flamboyant image.

Nikita Dzhigurda

Photo: @dzhigurda12(twitter Nikita Dzhigurda)

Nikita Dzhigurda, which has always been the king of shocking, continues to surprise the audience. And he does it,
trying to get rid of its controversial and shocking image. The actor has decided
officially change the name.

New consists of nine words: Jonathan El-air Bratash g
Pogorzhelskiy background Gan Eden. According to the actor, all the names, but two
generic. Dzhanatan Bratash and I took in memory of the murdered Cooma, — says Nikita. —
We included in the European order of Rosicrucians”.

This is not the first change in the image of a celebrity. In September
this year’s Nikita for the first time in thirty years, shaved his beard. With the vegetation on
he also broke up an effort to get rid of annoying him image.

Then the transformed Dzhigurda blew up social
network. Many of his fans just could not believe what happened and put
question the identity of the person in the photo.

Later, to prove it
not a hoax, Nikita had to post a few portraits.

The first changes in appearance occurred when the actor
stopped dyeing hair a fiery red color.