Tatiana Navka told about what was afraid when the daughter left the sport

Татьяна Навка рассказала о том, чего боялась, когда дочь бросила спорт
Like any athlete, the time of her retirement was for Sasha Galinou a turning point.

Tatiana Navka

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Daughter Tatiana Navka and Alexander Zhulin, Sasha grew up playing tennis at a professional level. But in a sports family bar has stood very high. From the very beginning the mother and daughter decided that the purpose of Sasha should be an Olympic medal or a few cups Grand slams. But two years ago it became clear that this goal is unattainable due to injuries received from Sasha.

“I was very worried to handle a daughter with study after it became clear that with the tennis she did not. — says the Pastor. Since before Sasha, like many professional athletes, school was in second place. But now I am absolutely calm. Sasha learns fine. In her class formed a very tight group of guys that are as obsessed with their studies. They often spend time together, play football, go on trips, organize poetry readings, discussing something all interested. What I like, they have no desire to boast to each other their incomes, more than that — it is not fashionable in their environment. Go in normal clothes — t-shirts, jeans, sneakers.”

The girl ahead of a difficult year: the end of school, preparing for the exam, admission to MGIMO, faculty of Economics. At the same time, he continues to get involved in the vocals. Moreover, one of the most famous music producers in the country by Maxim Fadeev took part in the fate of the young singer and wrote a song for her. Now mother and daughter are preparing to shoot the video for this song.

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