Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину» The athlete told the “StarHit” on the distribution of roles in the family, secret passion and education of children. According to the Olympic champion, Nadia is growing little lady. In addition, the girl took all the best from parents and grandparents.

      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»

      A mother of two children, the Olympic champion, the star of the show “Ice age”… Recently, her life appeared another project – school talents “I”, which is located in the shopping center Vegas. There “StarHit” and met with Tatiana. Beating all the classes and checking as you go lessons, Navka, sitting in a makeshift office, told about what is still spared, as fights fatigue and the effects of trauma and why he fears for the younger daughter.

      “Sometimes you want to sing”

      Tatiana, what your school is different – from the Studio of Alla Pugacheva, for example?
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»To be honest, I’m not comparing, not trying to peek and see who that is. By creating this school, we have relied exclusively on their experience, analyzing the needs of our own children. Thought about what you need for the full and harmonious development of personality. Of course, no problem to make the baby Olympic figure skating champion or a great ballerina. But the guys who come to our school for two or three hours can try yourself in different directions and to choose what they most prefer. It is very convenient – no need to wander around Moscow from one Studio to another. We have vocals, and acting, and drawing, and dance… But there is no limit to perfection. Still a lot of ideas.—
      To expand the plan?
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»I hope, if it is claimed, to open branches not only in Moscow but also in Russia. The dreams but all the time. While the school works the kids are. The main thing – not to force but to make a child fall in love with what he did. Felt talent, looking forward to each next lesson.—
      Many blamed the same Alla Borisovna that walking in her creative Studio can only the offspring of wealthy parents. In your training more affordable?
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»In my opinion, the prices are reasonable. Rely on people with average incomes. That any family could afford to give the child at least for one or two subjects. Discounts – the more different items the cheaper.
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»
      And one of the heirs of the famous people you already learn?
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»Comes to our daughter Ani Lorak – Sofia, is engaged in figure skating, drawing, singing. Alla-Victoria and Martin Kirkorov dad got into singing and dancing. Trained daughter of Stas Mikhailov Ivanka and Masha. Inna, his wife, my friend, I told her that we open a school. She came with the children – those tried acting, drawing, singing. In the future I plan to give in “I” and my little Hope.
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»
      Spouse approves of your new baby?
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»Of course, supports and is proud of me. He was at the opening of the institution, he liked it very much.—
      I’m afraid not so early start to download Nadia different disciplines lessons?
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»My oldest daughter is 16, now I have a different approach to the upbringing of the young. I read a lot about early child development. There are so many reasons that kids should not be overburdened, they say, let them have a childhood… I go To school there and will begin to gain knowledge. I work very hard at a young age, but I’m not depressed, I didn’t grow up poor man with a sick mentality. On the contrary, I believe that some parents feel sorry for me and gave, for example, music education. I’d love today, being a Mature adult, to be able to sing and play the piano. Like to sit in the beautiful company for a tool to bring friends and enjoy themselves. Or draw a picture with your child. And my talent in this, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired. But, on the other hand, my parents never had that opportunity. They were torn between children and work: mom had the time to cook and stand in queues and on buses-trolley with a bag pick up from school, and collars ironed, and bedtime stories to read. Today I feel better, of course, there are also a nanny who helps with the baby, and the helper around the house. Going back to my childhood, I can say that, if I had more, I would be even more versatile. It is not necessary to reach any heights at all. The more one knows, the more interesting to live. We raise children, give them lessons not to raise a genius and brag to everyone, but mainly to ensure that they then confidently go through life. And was comprehensively developed, harmonious people who are able to build our future.—
      Notice the younger talent?
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»She’s only two years old, but she already knows a lot of things! We draw and dance and go to the gym – nursery, easy. Sculpt – DIY dad and mom master for the holidays. Nadia is crazy like a gallery at home: different application, figurines from clay, drawings.
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»
      You so much time… Like fatigue fighting? And even with the autumn-winter decline…
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»The Blues, in my opinion, is a state of mind. My God is merciful. Some people Wake up, get depressed, seeing in the street a rain, snow, slush. Or, conversely, sigh: “Again, it’s the sun it will be hot again”. I enjoy every day, every morning. Yes, seriously: tired, sometimes I’m stiff, I want to shut everyone out. But find the positive aspects. The energy draw in the family, in the house. Despite the fact that someone sometimes seem glamorous, live in a family, children. But, of course, my main battery – it’s Nadia. When she looks at me daddy’s eyes and smiling from ear to ear, you can go crazy with happiness. How else recover? Go to the bath, where I literally reborn, purified. You could say it’s my temple. Do you need to find time to take care of themselves. Of course, taking your vitamins are of a cosmetologist. Without massages as an athlete, too, can not live.—
      Injuries in “Ice age” happen?
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»Much more than in professional sports. Because some of the people with whom we ride, don’t know how to stand on skates. And fall on you, and his arms and legs twisting because confusing side. A lot of minor injuries – bruises, torn ligaments. Had to seek medical help.—
      Nadia learns the mother on TV?
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»More like always looking this software. Daughter came to practice, she stood up on the skates to “Carmen” was in Sochi, when we got there was the view. She loves it. Even afraid, as if she were a skater did not (laughs). In principle I’m not against – but it really is a traumatic and difficult case.
      Know daughter you even learning Chinese as a second language…
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»She began to attend kindergarten – English language. So three of the language learns. The house being transferred to her words sometimes. But do not recommend at this age to confuse, to disturb. It is better that she shared: with my parents – in Russian, in the garden – in English nanny in Chinese. Nadia, I seem to have put together the best features from moms, dads, and grandparents. Can be calm, may the restless and playful. Since childhood is a real woman, likes to sit at my toiletseat and, imitating her mother, pretends like dabs makeup on my face. It is very funny to watch. Despite the fact that she is still very small, my daughter likes life, she likes everything, it burns my eyes. Loves to sing, dance, read, swim, go to the circus, the zoo. I’m sure it will grow radiant, interesting, multifaceted person. The important thing is that it is surrounded by many loving people. This is happiness.—
      And sister Sasha than usual Nadia is engaged?
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»They have one important common cause. Come to the senior vocal coach and music. And for Nadia it is a favorite pastime. She is always waiting for each lesson to see how the older sister practicing. Nadia even tries to climb on the hands of the teacher to play along on the piano.
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»
      Sasha, you know, he left tennis because of injury. How is she a success?
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»She learns, is actively preparing to do one and a half years – until we stopped at MGIMO. The faculty is likely to be economic, and the profession will choose much later – when we become adult and independent. During the year it pulled out, I caught up with their peers, almost all exams passed on the five. Very proud of her.—
      As you have in the family are the responsibilities – who are stricter with the child?
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»I’m discipline, I’m probably more strict than our dad and all the rest, – the effect of sports training. In any case, do not shout at her daughter – we don’t know what it’s like to raise his voice, but I can seriously say, what not to do and what is possible, and explain in detail why. Differentiate, for example, the time when you can fool around, and then when you need to follow the rules. I think that they should be taught to children right from the cradle. Many parents make the mistake, because in infancy allowed without exception. And when the child begins to cry, scream, go at it on occasion. And then the school children come spoiled bullies. And raised too late. If Nadia needs something, she always goes to me, asking permission. Dad’s due to the fact that much less it sees of employment, work schedule, of course, mostly daughter loves and pampers. And I just love it.
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»
      Татьяна Навка: «Муж дочку балует, а я за дисциплину»