Татьяна Навка впервые показала лицо младшей дочери

In late August, Tatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov was congratulated by their common child – daughter Hope – second birthday.

In honor of this small, but important dates, the family arranged for the girl elegant festival, where he was invited numerous personalities, including Anna Semenovich, Jasmine, Alika Smekhova, Elena North.

Hope received many gifts, but perhaps the most memorable for her was the cake, which was decorated with a food lion and a beautiful fireworks display.

After a few days after the birth of her daughter, Navka began to publish holiday photos in his microblog. The greatest attention of followers attracted the where Tatiana is holding Nadia on hands and they both admire the cake.

Татьяна Навка впервые показала лицо младшей дочери

The fact that this picture can be called special because Tatiana first published photo, which fully shows the face of a small Nadia.

“Without which it can not do any one Day of Birth? well, of course without the most sweet,most delicious, most long-awaited. — CAKE!!!” — signed star frame.

Child athletes touched by her followers and they began to write laudatory comments: “What a lovely and funny little girl You have! Her happiness and joy”, “Girl miracle copy of Tatiana Navka!”, “Pretty baby”, “Krasotulechka! Happy birthday!”.

By the way, the eldest daughter of Tatiana from the marriage with Alexander Julinin adores baby sister, trying every spare moment to spend with the baby.