Иван Жидков и Татьяна Арнтгольц снова вместе и ожидают пополнения

September unites divorced parents, because it was the day they should be together with your child. No exception the actors Tatiana Arntgolts and Ivan Zhidkov.

The couple divorced about two years ago, however, tries to maintain friendly relations, that their child was happy seeing a happy mom and dad.

Photo report of how Tatiana and Ivan went to the school line, shared by the liquid in the microblog. The actor issued a joint photo with his ex-wife in comments to the snapshot confused their followers completely.

The fact that John announced that he and Tatiana together again. Further more – a couple supposedly waiting for the birth of twins.

Many subscribers Zhidkova did believe on his words and began to write sincere words of congratulations: “God, I’m happy for you! You’re my favorite couple from our cinema! To be honest, got upset when you broke up with Tanya. Love you and have great respect I bow to your talent!”, “If true, well done”.

But there were those who recognized in the comments to the photo, cheating, because his “confession” Ivan was accompanied by an appeal to “Express newspaper” (as it is known, this publication likes to marry and breed of stars, even when this information confirmed by anyone).

Recall Arntgolts and Zhidkov was divorced over two years ago. According to the actor, the breakup was inevitable. “I think when something goes wrong, you will not keep neither the child nor the stamp in the passport. And it is better to child to live in a family where not fighting, even if it is incomplete, than in one where mom and dad are officially together, of understanding and not,” admitted Ivan.