Татьяна Навка поразила гостей «Волны» стильным нарядом
The skater was back in the spotlight.

Татьяна Навка поразила гостей «Волны» стильным нарядом

Nikita and Tatyana Mikhalkov

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

Tatiana Navka

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Tatiana Navka caught everyone’s attention, visiting in the framework of
the contest “New wave” in Sochi shows Anastasia Zadorina, Barbara Plavinski and
winners of the qualifying stage of the competition spent by Fund “Russian silhouette”
Tatyana Mikhalkova.

This is not surprising. After all, this evening skater was
incredibly fresh and beautiful. She was in her outfit interesting pale blue color and
style, popular in this fashionable season.

The so-called style “dress-nightie” is
a hit at artists and particularly relevant in the southern resorts.

The dress she picked elegant sandals
high 12 cm stiletto heel.

This year in Sochi, Tatyana spent almost all summer. First
she worked in this southern city, playing a major role in ice production
Ilya Averbukh’s “Carmen”, and then he would rest with his daughters.

In addition to Tatiana, the event was attended by Nikita Mikhalkov
to support his wife Tatyana Mikhalkov. Today Nikita much
busy — preparing for
today’s “Day of cinema”, which will perform several numbers.