Лариса Гузеева поведала о главной ошибке в своей жизни Famous TV presenter and actress gave advice to his fans. According to Larissa Guzeeva, the family must have many children. Is the celebrity bitterly regrets that she became a mother only two heirs. She advised fans not to follow her example.

      57-year-old honored artist of Russia Larissa Guzeeva — the mother of two children — 16-year-old Olga Bocharovoj and 25-year-old George Tolordava. Guzeeva sincerely pleased with the success of their children. The eldest heir to the stars graduated from the Higher school of Economics and works in the field of advertising. Daughter celebrity Olga doing gymnastics and doing much better.

      Recently it became known that Guzeeva wishes she became a mom again. Celebrity advised his subscribers to become parents. Two children — is too little, a leading shared in Instagram.

      “I only regret that I had to give birth to a dozen… my Dear, do not repeat my mistakes: two is too little!”, — wrote the artist in his microblog.

      Some followers Guzeeva agreed that the family should have several children. “I am also very sorry. Girls give birth, you’ll understand later”, “you are Absolutely right. The older I get, the more I think about it”, “I Have two, want a third, but my husband isn’t ready yet”, “I Agree, but later,” they share their opinions. At the same time, other subscribers leading, on the contrary, did not support the celebrity and said that it all depends on the specific situation. “If you have a good husband, you can not two. And if not by whom?” “Everyone has their own capabilities. It happens that the two barely pull”, “no One can say what’s best”, commented fans Guzeeva.

      By the way, before Larissa Guzeeva has published in social networks of archival family photos that were taken a few years ago. “Today my son the first time he asked to see the pictures, found this one. 20 years ago. Both were surprised”, — has signed the first star.

      In the second photo, which decided to share the celebrity you can see her daughter Olga in the childhood. “How quickly you’ve grown, my favorite girl how much I missed…” — confessed celebrity.

      In turn, followers of the actress found that Larissa had not changed over time, and wished happiness to her family. “You are the coolest, marry me”, “Larissa is just getting prettier”, “You look so much like daughter!”, “Mom doesn’t change with age”, “What lovely people you are” “Thank you, Larissa, you are the epitome of the female” — shared his opinion.