Tatiana Navka came to the defense of his daughter

Татьяна Навка встала на защиту своей дочери
Famous figure skater Tatiana Navka and has two charming daughters.

Татьяна Навка встала на защиту своей дочери

The eldest daughter Sasha Zhulin already tries herself in show business, acting solo. She recently also became a presenter on the channel Muz-TV.

But the publicity envy are those who leave unflattering comments. Tatiana Navka decided to defend her daughter from detractors.

“My daughter graduated from grade 10 almost perfectly, and I am very happy! And the fact that every day she learns and develops, breaks these strong walls of life, comes to their rake and still going forward – for me the most important thing…

…PS: If someone don’t like her dress, nose, mouth, her voice, feet, hands or anything else , please do not write your angry comments, I’m still going to remove them, and writer’s block. Because I am proud of my daughter and support her in all endeavors! Be happy – you and your children!” addressed to the subscribers Tatiana.

Many have noticed that Sasha sings very well and her work even appeared fans.

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