Татьяна Навка воспитывает в младшей дочери чувство вкуса
Olympic champion purchased the outfits for Nadia’s new spring collection.

Tatiana Navka

Tatiana Navka gave global shopping in the shopping centre. Going into a trendy boutique children’s clothing, the Olympic champion could not resist from shopping. Star has gained many elegant dresses and also the wonderful upper spring clothes for my eight month old younger daughter Hope.

“It is impossible to ignore and resist such a selection of wonderful and beautiful things,” laughs Tatiana.
Their daughters — the youngest, Hope, and elder — Alexander, Navka married, with impeccable sense of taste.

Alexander has long earned the pride and respect for his mother. In the fall of 2015 Sasha made her debut as a model, having appeared in the runway in a gown colors of the Russian flag famous designer Bella Potemkina. And outfit to show Alexander chose itself. The appearance in public of a beautiful young girl caused a furor among the guests of fashion week in Moscow.

By the way, my daughter Tatiana went to her not only beauty, but also for sports data. Alexander until recently was seriously engaged in playing tennis. However, then decided to retire to devote time to their studies.
Nadia is already rides a motorbike. Overall, Tatiana says that her younger daughter is a cheerful and Mature girl. And she takes a particular interest in technology. “We even joke that the family grows or antagonize, or engineer…” — says Tatiana.

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