Элину Камирен обокрали на полмиллиона рублей Crook worked for some time in the company of ex-participants “Houses-2”. Unscrupulous business partner earned the name Elina Kamiren additional funds, which did not want to share with the company.

      Элину Камирен обокрали на полмиллиона рублей

      Fans of the successful business-woman, Elina Kamiren know that even before the resignation of the most popular telestroyki country girl has opened several business projects in different fields: luxury travel, real estate, and jewelry. Later, outside the perimeter, Kamiren launched a children’s magazine, as well as a project connected with the author’s jewelry.

      However, to control so many areas of one person is quite difficult. That is why in every company Elina has partners that help and support in working condition the entire business mechanism. Thus, in “E&A family club” had an office in Rostov-on-don, where the Director was kind of Elena Snegur.

      “The main office of our Agency is located in Yekaterinburg, says “StarHit” Director Ekaterina Maksimova. But not so long ago we started to sell the franchise in August for Rostov-on-don bought Lena. What she was doing we don’t know specifically, but the problems started a month later, when in September she learned that we are opening a children’s magazine.”

      According to Catherine, persistent girl convinced Kamiren that well versed in print media and will be able to bring the publication to a new level. “We believe with Elina, took in its official partners, which together are nested together and share at 33% of income. In the end it is Lena went on tour in Russia and traveled with auditions for kids ten cities. The selections themselves are free, but if they wish, parents can buy five photos of samples for 1000 rubles.”

      Элину Камирен обокрали на полмиллиона рублей

      Apparently, on these castings Snegur and earned additional money, which is decided by the company not to give. “At the end of September, Lena threw us a report – it was featured in the amount of 93 thousand rubles, and recent reports threw the managers of the regions, which shows another price – 165 thousand,” – says Ekaterina.

      Elina, Kamiren appeared in the center of the financial scandal

      According to the Director, all franchise owners must pay monthly a certain sum to the founders of the company, but Elena Snegur did not do this. “Did not take with her the money he thought as a reliable partner, went to meet him. In addition, recently it took me 120 thousand rubles in debt, literally begged me and swore that he would give in two days. Now the relationship she does not come out, and she not only has a duplicate of the official seal, but also many of our personal with Elina contacts. The contract we have already terminated, but we are sure that she is still collecting money in his pocket on our behalf. I know that she took credit for one of its employees to buy from us the franchise, and his past projects she still has not paid more than 2.5 million rubles of debts. According to our calculations, after working with her we lost about 500 thousand rubles,” – said Maximov.

      Elina herself is still trying to understand the reports and count all the damages and missing amounts from savvy employee. “I’m still in shock! – shared with “Stricom” Kamiren. – Oh how I people distrustful and suspicious, and she managed to hold even me! I can definitely say: this man is a scammer and a real manipulator. Talking with her, completely as if any subject for hypnosis and believes everything that she says. Heard that she went to other cities and is now looking for partners there, which it is also, of course, will throw. We, in turn, collect evidence, witnesses, we write a lot of her former colleagues and even friends with my family, so now we plan to recruit the maximum amount of data and sue”.

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