Татьяна Навка: «После этого я себя мучаю и наказываю!»
The Olympic champion told about his little weaknesses.

Татьяна Навка: «После этого я себя мучаю и наказываю!»

Tatiana Navka

Photo: Instagram

Tatiana Navka began a long-awaited vacation,
she decided to spend at sea with the family people: younger daughter, three — year a Final and
my mom. As an active person, Olympic champion and many time
spends in traffic, but also to treat yourself to not forget.

Skater posted a photo where she’s sitting
the coffee shop and she’s eating ice cream. Expression athletes
so happy that once it becomes clear: enjoying this summer
dessert Tatiana is extremely rare.

“You think I don’t he sweet? — wrote Navka under the. —
Thought I omnipotent? No! I’m also a man! I am a woman with weaknesses. But after that
I myself tortured and punished.” How she punished herself for a minute of fun
Tatiana revealed in the next post. Ice Queen said and
showed what was decided for the sake of the younger daughter. Tatiana for the first time
ventured to fly on a parachute over the sea. And did it with Final. “Though
in my fearlessness, I first flew on the chute, — said the athlete. —
Said Nadia: “Oh, mommy, my heart is scared! But the feeling
we experienced the magic, of course.”

By the way, experts have proven that the fastest
calories burned, when the blood with adrenaline. Doctors often suggest
losing weight to ride a roller coaster, fly on a parachute or pick up
imagine any other extreme sport.

Tatiana Navka with her daughter Hope

Photo: Instagram