Татьяна Лютаева пострадала на огороде
The actress has injured her leg, gathering the harvest.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Fall for all gardeners is the time of harvest.
Armed with ladders, step ladders and long sticks, gardeners gather
sweet and juicy fruits. So Tatiana lutaeva decided that she
to pick apples in the garden. But
unsuccessfully climbing a tree, the actress fell and sprained my ankle. After
examination the doctor prescribed wearing langetti on foot: it is needed to provide the desired fixation.

Such a nuisance did not prevent the actress to take part in
the new season of the television show “Who wants to be a millionaire?”. Tatiana Lutaeva
came in the company of his daughter Agnes Ditkovskite, which helped my mother to move around
the corridors of Ostankino. By the way, the actress never despairs, she was sure that trouble in the face you need to look with a smile.

But the actress recently shared her secret of youth. Looking
she really did not say that she is the mother of an adult daughter and a grandmother.
Tatyana too many projects leads, along with her daughter, actress Agnia Ditkovskite,
but it looks like her older sister. But the actress, 51 years ago.
“The main thing is to be yourself, to respect yourself, to help people to develop the
let depression to manage your heart — sure lutaeva. — Need
trust loved, to talk to kids and try to hear them, to sleep and
Wake up with a happy smile!”