Раскрыта тайна «секретного» романа Кэти Холмс с Джейми Фоксом
The actress could lose $ 5 million.

Раскрыта тайна «секретного» романа Кэти Холмс с Джейми Фоксом

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx

As the publication reported Radar Online,
in his possession were documents explaining why the ex-wife of Tom
Cruise — Katie Holmes was doing everything in her power to scramble your novel with
actor Jamie Foxx. As it turned out, she had a very good reason
of a financial nature.

According to the evidence obtained by Radar Online,
in the divorce Katie signed, among others, the agreement on the fact that she has no
the right to have anyone public affair for five years after the divorce.
Under this paragraph, it is, in addition to the 4.8 million dollars that That
agreed to pay portions to the maintenance of the daughter, he has pledged
needs very Katie 5 million. But in the case of violations of the agreement, it loses
the right to this amount and had to return it! And since the divorce of Holmes and cruise
took place in July 2012, until the summer of 2017, the actress can not afford
to start with anyone officially recognized relationship.

For the first time about the affair Katie and Jamie talked
in August 2013, when they were seen dancing and cuddling at a party in
Hamptons. Later the paparazzi several times managed to catch them at a secret rendezvous,
and a couple of times Holmes came for the meeting, “masked”, i.e. in a wig,
glasses and makeup. Openly, she appeared in the company of Fox a couple of times – one of
visits of this kind took place in December last year, when she came to
reception on the occasion of his birthday. But in the event neither Fox nor Katie
allowed himself nothing “extra”. And this summer, the reality star Claudia
Jordan confirmed its status as Cathy and Jamie, as a “loving and happy couple”.

since the relationship of Cathy and Jamie managed to spoil — after
the paparazzi photographed him at a party flirting with the unknown
blonde. They say Katie gave beloved on this occasion a scene of jealousy. And
then, to avenge him, started flirting with actor Joshua Jackson,
who just broke up with his girlfriend Diane Kruger. So now
the future of relations Holmes and Fox is a big question. And it’s so frustrating — because
next summer they could declassify their relationship…

Katie Holmes and Tom cruise