Татьяна Лютаева повторила несчастную судьбу родителей The actress are unable to live with men in marriage. Tatiana lutaeva was married three times but divorced because she had high demands on spouses. She considered it unnecessary to tolerate them for the sake of the children.

Star of theater and cinema Tatiana lutaeva will appear in “a Wife. Love story” on the channel TVC. A woman is considered to be one of the most beautiful Actresses in the domestic screen. However, in my personal life Luchevoy had to endure a lot of pain.

Olivia’s parents couldn’t get along together. Future movie star endured difficult events in the family. “By the age of five I heard constant bickering, which developed into scandals. They put me in front of him and asked with whom I will stay. I loved both of them. Today I can say that it is impossible to live with each other only because of the baby. When I got to College and settled in the Dorm, immediately bought two postcards and sent one to dad and the other mom. Wrote: “A Divorce.” They quietly and after a month divorced,” recalls lutaeva.

When Tatiana was just beginning to study in Moscow, she considered herself clumsy and uncertain country, although people have noted her grace and talent. With Rehacom Ditkovskite lutaeva introduced at the University, as a student of the third course.

“We quickly got married and were happy, but apparently didn’t quite fit together,” says Tatiana.

Due to the idleness of the husband, the actress had to quickly get back to rabote. Little Agnes an early age to get used to. Tatiana claims that their relationship had no future. Then she met her second husband.

“We Rokas have been familiar, but the relationship we have appeared much later. He graduated from the faculty of philosophy. A true philosopher,” said lutaeva.

Thanks to the actress business with Roku went well. But it didn’t last long.

“I agreed, and he set one play in the Russian drama theatre. And that’s all. He never believed in my abilities. And Olegas too, by the way. To some extent this became the reason I left in the first and in the second case. It is necessary to tell your beloved that they are talented, the best. I remember when they came out “cadets” in Lithuania, I’m even a little ashamed the first time. I was not congratulated in the family very ambiguously responded,” shared the star.

In Moscow lutaeva met a third husband. Dmitry Mishin worked with her on the painting “the Will of the General.” “He was very warm, with a bright sense of humor, witty, single. He was not like the previous husbands – earned money, cared for, brought us to his apartment. The most important thing he has done for me when mom got sick, he helped me very much. Four years later, we realized that we have a different perception of life. I realized that this is not my man. I left my husband, we rented an apartment and lived together. And the dog,” – said Tatiana in the transmission, an excerpt from which was publicola “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.