Живой Кен познакомился с русскими Барби Rodrigo Alves saw three charming girls. The man was amazed by the appearance of pretenders to his hand and heart, and with admiration looked at them. One of his requirements was the ability to cook. Not all blonde beauty agrees.
Живой Кен познакомился с русскими Барби

Last week Russia flew a “living Ken” Rodrigo Alves. Male 17 years old, began his reincarnation. In the “Male/Female”, he said, what hardships he had to endure for the sake of his goal.

“Living Ken”, 64 transferring operation, sorry about the bad plastics

Today, the leading talk show, Yulia Baranovskaya and Alexander Gordon introduced to Rodrigo with three potential brides. For it was important the appearance of girls he wanted to meet the chosen one, similar to a Barbie doll. The first contender for the hand and heart of Alves was Tatiana Tuzova. The woman thought that Rodrigo is a very intelligent and beautiful.

Живой Кен познакомился с русскими Барби

Blonde young woman has a 11-year-old son. Tatiana has been married three times. However, not all spouses shared her desire to be like a doll, and demanded only family comfort. Rodrigo wanted to meet a girl who will be for him to cook. However, Tatiana does not like to spend time in the kitchen.

“I had three husbands. The first wanted me erased, the second wanted me removed, the third did not want me to wear short skirts. But I’m Barbie, I want to be bright, want to Shine, to be on everyone’s mind. I have a manicure! How can I cook and wash?” – says Tatiana.
Живой Кен познакомился с русскими Барби

A girl from Armenia compared with Kim Kardashian. Morto Lily admitted that she loves Rodrigo, with whom she would like to begin a relationship. She told me that she pays no attention to the negative reactions of people in Armenia who think she looks too provocative. Lily cheated on cheekbones, augmenting lips and Breasts.

Живой Кен познакомился с русскими Барби

The third bride came to Rodrigo, specially from Taganrog. Victoria Platonov did not aspire to the ideal figure, Barbie. She saw Alves on social media and fell in love. The girl is not shy that knows how to cook, and therefore would be happy to serve the soup “living Ken” for lunch.

“My grandmother taught me how to cook. She lives in the village, she has a farm. When she is away, I help her” – said Victoria.

Despite the fact that Rodrigo was invited to three lovely girls, he did not highlight any of them. The man was amazed by the beauty of Russian Barbie and couldn’t take my eyes from them.