Татьяна Буланова показала свои самые интимные фото

The singer unashamedly posted to Instagram a bunch of personal photos from 25 years ago.

Looks like Tatiana Bulanova bumped into nostalgia. And although the personal life of the singer is now complete all the storms subsided, and with Vladislav Radimov they’re back together, she clearly doesn’t want to live for today. Otherwise, how else to explain her fascination with old photographs that the singer is always posting to your Instagram.

We have collected all the posted photos together and get the whole album, unknown, and sometimes very intimate images of the singer. All captions Tatiana made herself! See a unique collection of 12 photos in our gallery.

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If you compare Bulanov today and a quarter of a century ago, the singer recently celebrated 47 years, virtually unchanged. By the way, in 1991, the singer has gained nationwide popularity thanks to the song “don’t cry.”

Although the first performance of the hit was a failure. In one of his interviews, the singer admitted that the audience, hearing “don’t cry,” began to whistle and shout: “fuck you…”.

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