Мама Жанны Фриске: «Если бы дочь знала, что больна, она бы не рожала» Olga Kopylov gave an interview to the program Andrei Malakhov’s “Tonight”. Mother of Jeanne Friske told how he survived this terrible year after leaving his daughter. On the eve of the anniversary of the death star Olga Kopylova showed the apartment of the actress, where she was happy and frankly told about the relations with the civil husband of the daughter of Dmitry Shepelev.

      Мама Жанны Фриске: «Если бы дочь знала, что больна, она бы не рожала»

      June 15 will mark one year since that fateful day has left the life of Jeanne Friske, talented, loved by millions of fans of the singer, beautiful woman and a young mother.

      After learning about the terrible diagnosis Janna, cancer of the brain – the whole country is worried and is praying for the singer, wishing her a speedy recovery. But the miracle did not happen, the singer left a little orphan son of Plato…

      On the eve of the anniversary of the death of the singer, her parents, mother Olga Kopylova, father Vladimir Friske and younger sister Natalia were the guests of the program Andrei Malakhov’s “Tonight”. Olga Kopylova told of how her family survived that first terrible year after the departure of Jeanne.

      Mother Zhanna Friske: life for the family

      In addition, the “Tonight” singer’s mother was first shown the apartment of Zhanna Friske in Moscow, where her daughter was very happy. According to Olga Vladimirovny, the family decided to leave in the home of Jeanne everything is as it was when she was alive.

      Мама Жанны Фриске: «Если бы дочь знала, что больна, она бы не рожала» “Nothing remained, nothing had changed, not cleaned. It smells like Jeanne, I think she is still in the apartment,” – said Olga Kopylova.

      During the broadcast, the mother of the singer has made a truly sensational statement – her daughter would never become a mother. “If Jeanne knew that she was sick, she would not give birth,” admitted Olga.

      Told the mother of the singer and that she had to endure for a year after leaving his daughter, when they began to uncover the ugly facts and details about the life of her family. “Jeanne my personal was ever put forward, so about it knew a little, and then for a year has opened such a mess – with bitterness and regret said Olga Kopylova. In addition, during the interview was raised and the issue of custody of the son of Jeanne a Plato, sought by Olga Kopylova and her husband Vladimir Friske.

      The family’s lawyer Friske: “We will fight in the same way as Dmitry Shepelev”

      Debates about this with Dmitry Shepelev been going on for almost a year.

      “He lives his life, Jeanne, for him, had died long ago, – says Olga Kopylova. – I artist’s mother not long ago said, “Never our baby won’t be in your house.”

      Will appear in the program and favorite dog Zhanna Friske Labrador named Willis. The dog too was diagnosed with cancer. “He underwent several courses of chemotherapy,” says Olga. I know that dogs are very bored and often leave behind their masters”.

      Мама Жанны Фриске: «Если бы дочь знала, что больна, она бы не рожала»

      The program “Tonight” will be aired on First channel today, June 11, at 19.50 Moscow time. “StarHit” will monitor what is happening in the Studio and tell the details to the readers.

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