Tatiana Bulanova is officially divorcing her husband

Татьяна Буланова официально разводится с мужем
The singer thanked Vladislav Radimov for the years spent together.

“Hush, Tanya, do not cry!” — calm fans
Tatyana Bulanov, whose family life is similar to the last time sad
the series still ended in divorce. About the breakup with football player Vladislav
Radimov, with whom they got married in 2005, 47-year-old singer said in
his microblog. Internet message the pop star instantly there were hundreds
reviews, but Bulanova, apparently considering that he was too outspoken before
strangers, mostly men, removed the post. However, the Network lives on the principle “word
— not a Sparrow”: a recording of Tatiana remained in the “cache” of search engines.

Here’s what the singer wrote, referring to Vladislav
Radimov: “Thank you for these 11 years! Yes, there’s a lot of good and some not
very, but I am grateful for meeting with you. Know that you’re still
be my very own person and can always count on my help
and support in everything!”

This heartfelt message similar to the third call
in the theater: the first signs of divorce and Bulanova Radimov was in October. Then Tatyana has told fans that
found out about her husband’s infidelity. In any case, it was perceived words
artist of the betrayal that happened in her life. Fans assumed that
soon the singer will file for divorce. However, instead of this pair
went… to the restaurant! There the couple, to the surprise of many, romantic
celebrated the 11th anniversary of their relationship. Alas, this romantic dinner now
can be considered a farewell.