Тарзан: «Лучшая реакция на негатив — это любовь!»
Showman shocked next to Frank confessions.

Тарзан: «Лучшая реакция на негатив — это любовь!»

Photo: Photographer Nataly Stuart. Assistant Viktoria Isaeva

Tarzan was a guest of the new season of the show hard with the stars “Money or shame” on channel ТНТ4. He had to answer uncomfortable questions of the host of uncle Viti, but he stoically endured everything and after the shooting, agreed to answer more on questions of Playboy magazine. The revelation of Tarzan about the first marriage, about why for a long time never told my parents about life after retirement from the army, than he is familiar with Eastern philosophy and what hates fake smiles in show business.

— In the show “the Money or the shame of” you can win one million rubles. Do you think this is a lot or a little?

— It is a personal choice. But the money is not small. A million — that sounds awesome!

— And what value money has for you personally?

They naturally play a role in my life, but my philosophy is that man is not born to make the dough. He is born to just live. To spin like a squirrel in a cage for a living is a bad concept! I don’t know who invented and imposed on us.

— Do you have any other concept?

— Of course! It is necessary to be enriched spiritually, that’s all. Two and a half thousand years ago said — not the Golden calf to worship, otherwise you’ll be punished anyway. And probably all of us is waiting.

— What methods of enrichment do you have?

— Work on yourself! Trust your own gut. It’s not easy, but when you learn certain things, the world around me.

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Тарзан: «Лучшая реакция на негатив — это любовь!»

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  • Тарзан: «Лучшая реакция на негатив — это любовь!»

Тарзан: «Лучшая реакция на негатив — это любовь!»

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Тарзан: «Лучшая реакция на негатив — это любовь!»

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Тарзан: «Лучшая реакция на негатив — это любовь!»

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