Тарасов назначил свидание Костенко в прямом эфире The player shows signs of attention, without fear of condemnation from the public. In Instagram the model has arranged the communication with subscribers, answering their questions. Among the numerous review web users saw the treatment of Dmitry Tarasova

      Тарасов назначил свидание Костенко в прямом эфире

      Netizens continue to monitor the development of the relations of footballer Dmitry Tarasov and model Anastasia Kostenko. Recently during a video in Instagram, the athlete admitted that he has a girlfriend. Apparently, the chosen one was somewhere near him, as the man didn’t know how to answer questions. Dmitry Tarasov spoke about the change of marital status

      “Idle? I’m not single. Or am I idle? I don’t know what to say. I’m confused. Me right now watching with a look that I’m not single. AU. Of course, the idle was… of Course, I’m the “divorcee”, – said Tarasov fans.

      Followers of Dmitry and Anastasia actively monitor the comments on social networks. So, during one of the “live” model has started to receive messages from the player. Judging by the phrases “You waiting long?”, “Where are you?”, “I’m stuck”, other participants of the conversation concluded that the man appointed date a brunette and worried because she was late.

      Тарасов назначил свидание Костенко в прямом эфире

      Users of microblogging, which watched the scene, were surprised that the couple began to communicate openly, without fear of judgment of thousands of fans of Olga Buzova, which Dmitry Tarasov divorced at the end of 2016. “Began slowly to glow with Nastya, birthday soon, have to prepare the soil and appear together at last”, “Forgot about them, so we began every day to live out of,” “the fact that she “moved” on Instagram and likes are quite real, so to blame him alone is unfair,” wrote community.

      The Anastasia Kostenko repeatedly tried to reassure the online audience, as it had received insults and reproaches. Many have accused the model in that it destroyed the family of Olga and Dmitri. The girl not just shut the “Instagram” and also deleted the personal page, explaining that tired of the negativity.

      “My mistake – is the maximum openness on the audience. And still there were people who thought that I was playing, or someone from the ranks themselves. Never had the habit to judge a person by social networks and others”, – said Kostenko in one of the posts.

      By the way, after his divorce from Olga Buzovoy Dmitry Tarasov has repeatedly said that he does not want to put their personal life. According to the man, he didn’t like so much public attention to his person. However, as noted by netizens, the player “misses” in those days, so has signs of attention to the new darling of the Network.