Tarasov and Kostenko lit at the wedding

Тарасов и Костенко зажгли на свадьбе The lovebirds looked very happy. The footballer and the model called for the feast of close friends — rapper Mota and his lady Mary. This was the first joint publication on someone else’s event. Previously, the couple celebrated together only the birthdays of each other.
Тарасов и Костенко зажгли на свадьбе

Sunday afternoon in one of the temples of the capital took place the wedding of rapper Mota and his wife Maria. The couple were married in August of last year, but the celebration and the ceremony in Church was postponed in the spring. This important and crucial moment with the musician shared his family and friends who personally observed the development of his relationship with the striking brunette, remembered by audiences for her role in his video for the song “Trap”.

Miss the long awaited event could not and Dmitry Tarasov, who is with the ILO share a deep friendship. At the wedding of footballer arrived with his beloved, Anastasia Kostenko. This publication was the first for the lovers, because together they appeared only for holidays on the occasion of birthday to each other.

Anastasia Kostenko was justified for the collapse of the marriage of Dmitry Tarasov

Once at the event, the athlete posted on his microblog a photo with the beloved, saying that he is part of this joyous event. Subscribers Tarasov immediately began to discuss it the with Kostenko, their outfits, behavior and even compatibility. For weddings the choice of the quarterback of the football club “Lokomotiv” has chosen an elegant gown of peach shade, accentuating her slender figure. Bodycon outfit Anastasia made an impression on users. Dmitri himself was dressed in a suit that was appreciated by those who actively monitors his life in the microblog.

The pair has made some memorable shots with the newlyweds, wishing them happiness and prosperity. In Instagram, was also the movie where one of the guests took Dmitry Tarasov. In the video, the athlete shares how happy for one another, emphasizing that feels like on her wedding. The source player said, not thinking if he is about to once again go to the registry office, what Tarasov said significant silence.

By the way, about the possible marriage of the former husband of Olga Buzova was rumored earlier, after the birth of Anastasia Kostenko in the Network spread the talk that he made her an offer of marriage. It is true that the lovers did not comment on these reports.

As for the celebration, which Tarasov and Kostenko were among the guests, everything was organized at the highest level. Rapper ILO and his wife had arranged for a friends special event, a luxurious Banquet hall was decorated with many flowers, on the court working animators at the wedding attended by relatives of the couples were eminent artists of the label Black Star, and kick guests.