Таня Терешина вступилась за Ольгу Бузову The former participant of group “Hi-Fi” decided not to lag behind colleagues and to Express their point of view about the situation in the Russian show-business. Speaking on the patient for many a stars theme, a celebrity said that is not the listener of the leading “House-2”, however, it sees nothing wrong with the one engaged in the work.

      Since the release of the two hits Olga Buzova a little time has passed. During this period of composition had to survive a few weeks on first place in iTunes, and the singer has presented his art on several musical platforms. It is obvious that many professional artists could not ignore the young singer expressed the opinion that they do not understand the hype which caused the tracks Buzova.

      Alexander Panayotov criticized the vocals of Olga Buzova

      At the same time, among the number of angry are those who are trying to take a neutral stance, so as not to bring one of the critical sides to despair. Tanya Tereshina told that he does not understand artists who try to defame the name of Olga or other performers. She did not think it strange that the star of “House-2” is at the peak of popularity. According to Tereshinoy, the media personality managed to feel what it wanted to hear from her fans.

      “The Russian show-business will never be the same as in the West. Our stars are involved in the debate about Olga Buzova speeches, full of resentment to life. And you are all so right? Many cheat, steal melodies and promoted the non-existent novels. Olga is simply a phenomenon and not entirely unexpected character. Everyone chooses the public itself for their own reasons”, – explained the artist.

      According to the singer, the Russian artists do incorrectly when trying to insult the work of another person. From the ideas of the Tanya, that all applicants have the right to self-realization. According to Tereshinoy, have someone competent take advantage of the situation and begins to work even harder on yourself to achieve the goal. Singer believes that Austrade without Buzova enough artists who can not boast of a good vocal, but claiming that they are.

      Olga Buzova became ill during a speech in St. Petersburg

      “Someone so easily zarabatyvaet money, some people like this kind of music, and sometimes just by coincidence the stars. During the Internet to be offended by the audience? Think it’s too small and primitive. Me half of Russian pop music listen to sucks. Words many primitive. Did someone someone takes away their island? No. So I’m sitting in the car, listening to techno, house and quietly browsing the new videos that inspire and impress me,” said the celebrity. She is unclear what offended the singers and musicians, because each of them, according to Tanya, he administers his own artistic destiny.

      Tereshina appeals that spends a lot of time for introspection, searching, and studying the interests of the target audience. Tanya is not against envy, but only one that leads to samosovershenstvovaniya and indispensable development, but not public insults those who are currently at the peak of fame and popularity.

      “I’m getting ready to release their product is not out of envy or resentment, as from a sincere desire to share! And envy is not the worst thing if it creates in you a desire to do something cooler. If you want only to “empty” in the air, that’s your business” – summed up the singer.